Category: Ford F-Series 1953 – 1979

F250: Integrated Power Steering For Your Highboy

By Glenn Davis This article is intended to help owners of 1967 through mid of 1977 F250 4wd’s (commonly referred to as "Factory Highboys") convert their current manual steering / power assist steering setup to an integrated power steering system. I chose to utilize the power steering sector (power steering box) form an early 70′s [...] More »

Notes on a Volare Front Clip Install On A 1953 F-100

By John Niolon First, when I say Volare clip I’m referring to any Chrysler product front clip, Grand Fury, Diplomat, 5th Avenue, etc. Second, let me begin by saying this is by no means a how to article. I’m not smart enough to write that on this subject. It’s only a collection of thoughts and [...] More »

Dana 44 Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement

By Kevin Kozak Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement For Dana 44 axle with Warn manual locking hubs – 1978 F150 4×4 References: Tools Required: Preparation: Place drain pan under front differential and loosen (10) 1/2" bolts holding differential cover to housing. Loosen cover and allow fluid to drain. Remove bolts and cover and inspect gears [...] More »

Building A New transmission Cross Member For A 1953 – 1956 F100

By John Niolon We lovers of old Ford trucks usually have one thing in common. We need more power. Unless you’re a die-hard restoration type guy, you’ve probably planned on replacing those old flatheads and straight sixes with something with a little more torque and horsepower… something a little more modern and reliable. Overheating and [...] More »

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