Category: Ford F-Series 1953 – 1979

Notes on a Volare Front Clip Install On A 1953 F-100

By John Niolon First, when I say Volare clip I’m referring to any Chrysler product front clip, Grand Fury, Diplomat, 5th Avenue, etc. Second, let me begin by saying this is by no means a how to article. I’m not smart enough to write that on this subject. It’s only a collection of thoughts and [...] More »

Dana 44 Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement

By Kevin Kozak Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement For Dana 44 axle with Warn manual locking hubs – 1978 F150 4×4 References: Tools Required: Preparation: Place drain pan under front differential and loosen (10) 1/2" bolts holding differential cover to housing. Loosen cover and allow fluid to drain. Remove bolts and cover and inspect gears [...] More »

Building A New transmission Cross Member For A 1953 – 1956 F100

By John Niolon We lovers of old Ford trucks usually have one thing in common. We need more power. Unless you’re a die-hard restoration type guy, you’ve probably planned on replacing those old flatheads and straight sixes with something with a little more torque and horsepower… something a little more modern and reliable. Overheating and [...] More »

6 To 12 Volt Conversion Guide

By Steve Delanty Owners of old cars and trucks that came with 6-volt electrical systems know what a drag 6 volts can be!  Dim lights, slow cranking, weak spark, replacing generator brushes as a maintenance item, etc . The cure is obvious… convert to 12 volts! Usually it’s pretty easy to convert to 12 volts. [...] More »

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