Category: Ford F-Series 1953 – 1979

Installing Hanging Brake Pedals In a ’53 F100

By John Niolon To go along with the new Chrysler front clip with disk brakes, we wanted power brakes. So, when we got the clip we asked for the power brake booster and the hanging pedal assembly from the same car. That way I was sure the brakes would work as ‘factory’ and not have [...] More »

Front Drum To Disc Brake Conversion Guide For 1965-1972 Ford Trucks

Copyright  1997 Kenneth Payne, All International Rights Reserved. This document may not be copied or published without prior written consent of the author. Note: If you have only a passing familiarity with automotive repair, it is recommended that you do not attempt this procedure. This procedure involves disassembly of the braking system and much of [...] More »

F-Series/Bronco: Older Ford Truck Radiator Upgrades

If you have done any modifications to your older Ford truck or you live in a warmer environment, you may find that you have a problem with keeping your engine cool. Cooling of the engine is a key element to the functionality of your truck. Not only does it keep the engine from melting down, [...] More »

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