Category: Ford F-Series 1953 – 1979

Dana 44 Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement

By Kevin Kozak Front Axle Shaft U-joint Replacement For Dana 44 axle with Warn manual locking hubs – 1978 F150 4×4 References: Tools Required: Preparation: Place drain pan under front differential and loosen (10) 1/2" bolts holding differential cover to housing. Loosen cover and allow fluid to drain. Remove bolts and cover and inspect gears [...] More »

Building A New transmission Cross Member For A 1953 – 1956 F100

By John Niolon We lovers of old Ford trucks usually have one thing in common. We need more power. Unless you’re a die-hard restoration type guy, you’ve probably planned on replacing those old flatheads and straight sixes with something with a little more torque and horsepower… something a little more modern and reliable. Overheating and [...] More »

6 To 12 Volt Conversion Guide

By Steve Delanty Owners of old cars and trucks that came with 6-volt electrical systems know what a drag 6 volts can be!  Dim lights, slow cranking, weak spark, replacing generator brushes as a maintenance item, etc . The cure is obvious… convert to 12 volts! Usually it’s pretty easy to convert to 12 volts. [...] More »

Old Bronco/F-Series Trucks: An Efficient Electrical System

By Mike Boyd Old electrical systems can be a real nightmare, especially if a previous owner of your vehicle modified it.  There are some simple solutions to the headaches that poor wiring causes.     First of all, start totally from scratch.   Cut the original wires and purchase a newer F-150 or late model Bronco electrical [...] More »

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