Category: 53-79 F-Series Engine, Intake, & Exhaust

FE’s That Bend Push-rods, A Dirty little Secret

By William Ballinger I have heard it said many times that one of the Ford FE’s main weaknesses is a propensity for tossing, bending or breaking valve-train push rods.  The non-adjustable rocker-shaft assemblies would appear to be the primary culprit.  It has also been pointed out that the barrel length of the lifter is longer […] More »

1970 F-Series: Determining Compression Ratio

By George Davila One of the most important factors in engine building is determining your engine s final compression ratio. Compression ratio (C/R) has far reaching effects on the performance of any internal combustion engine. If the C/R is too low, you’ll have a real dog on your hands. Too high and you won’t be […] More »

F-Series/Bronco: Older Ford Truck Radiator Upgrades

If you have done any modifications to your older Ford truck or you live in a warmer environment, you may find that you have a problem with keeping your engine cool. Cooling of the engine is a key element to the functionality of your truck. Not only does it keep the engine from melting down, […] More »

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