Category: 53-79 F-Series Electronics & Audio

CB Radio Install On Older F-150s

By: Rick Sauer OVERHEAD CB RADIO INSTALLATION This article is for those of you who have a manual transmission F150 and cannot mount a large CB in the ashtray area. Or are just looking for somewhere different to mount your radio.     First size up area by holding radio with holding bracket to the […] More »

1967 – 1972 F-Series Ammeters

I have read with interest most of the comments in the forums about ammeters for Fords as I had to rewire my 78 F250 completely. So I started with taking out all the wiring carefully ie. Take the plugs apart not just cutting the wires Took the dash out and checked all the gauges actually […] More »

1973-1979 Ammeter Diagnostics

By Jim Barbera I’ve seen a lot of late ’70s Ford trucks with a non working ammeter.  I sure wish mine was working when I broke a alternator brush wire out in the middle of nowhere and had the truck quit just after crossing a creek.  I was able to fix the alternator and get […] More »

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