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2011 Ford Explorer Review

2011 Ford Explorer Car Review The new 2011 Ford Explorer arrives with a redesign to help tackle the competition in this SUV market segment. Ford has put some thought into change in the 2011 model to help the 2011 Ford Explorer dispel some previous ideas about prior model years, where some drivers may have found [...] More »

2011 Ford Explorer Overview

Because of the decline in popularity of SUVs overall in the past few years, Ford has redesigned the 2011 Ford Explorer to feature a slimmer, smaller and more crossover-type body. This will make the 2011 model of this vehicle even less of a full size SUV than it was previously, and will also make it [...] More »

2002 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

If you are considering buying a 2002 Ford Explorer you have probably looked at a review or two. If you haven’t it would be a good idea to do so. Whenever you look to purchase a vehicle, and particularly a used vehicle, it’s a good idea to research the performance, specs, blue book values and [...] More »

2003 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

The 2003 Ford Explorer is one vehicle in particular that is probably not a good idea to buy blindly. Any time you look to purchase any vehicle you should research it to learn as much as you can about the specs, performance, reliability and price you can expect to pay. In the case of this [...] More »

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