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2007 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

The popular 2006 and 2007 Ford Explorer SUV has earned an excellent rating in terms of reliability. A good thing, especially when looking to buy accessories and other items to fit it with. New For the 2007 Model Year The 2006 model year saw the Ford Explorer redesigned inside and out. 2007 didn’t see changes [...] More »

Ford Explorer Audio System: Upgrade on a Budget

Your Ford Explorer audio system may be lacking. Explorer sound systems have never been prized as among the best in the industry. Although the standard set of speakers in any vehicle is decent enough, full grade and top of the line sound systems for any vehicle can run into the thousands of dollars in total [...] More »

2008 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

Based on a review or two, you might consider buying a 2008 Ford Explorer. Starting with the major model redesign of the 2006 model, the Ford Explorer’s reliability improved significantly. That makes any of the 2006 and beyond models a great choice. Getting a late model like a 2008 can be an especially good idea. [...] More »

2009 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

If you’ve thought about buying a 2009 Ford Explorer, you’ve probably tried to check a review here or there. Odds are, especially if it was addressing reliability, it was a great review. Ever since the 2006 model’s redesign the Ford Explorer has been a much more reliable vehicle. One of the nice things about getting [...] More »

2010 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

A review of the 2010 Ford Explorer could help make your decision a little bit easier if you are stuck on which Ford Explorer model to choose. There are actually four different trim models of the Explorer. There is the XLT, XLT Sport, the "Eddie Bauer" and the Limited. The specs on these models are [...] More »

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