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Reaching New Heights in Colorado with the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

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Ford recently flew me out to a place with elevations as high as its aspirations to learn more about its newest Explorer variant as part of the Explorer Platinum Adventure Tour.

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Ford SUVs Can Now See Around Corners!

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A few of you on this forum feel the new F-150, which, as of the 2016 model year, is available with up to five cameras that help it activate its automatic high beams, stay in its lane, and steer a trailer, has too much technology. The Blue Oval’s not stopping there, though.

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Sony Brings Home Theater Quality Audio to New Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Series with EcoBoost

Ford has been on a roll lately with their Platinum trim level of vehicles. These are fully-loaded, no-holds-barred premium trims for a variety of automobiles.

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Ford Explorer Audio System: Upgrade on a Budget

Your Ford Explorer audio system may be lacking. Explorer sound systems have never been prized as among the best in the industry. Although the standard set of speakers in any vehicle is decent enough, full grade and top of the line sound systems for any vehicle can run into the thousands of dollars in total […] More »

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Explorer: Testing the TPS (throttle position sensor). ECM code 124

By Mark Strickland These instructions are for a 1992 Ford Explorer with the 4.0L MFI engine.  Other years of this generation should be similar. Preface: Code 124 is stored in the Electronic Control Module (ECM) continuous memory when the TPS signial is higher than it should be as compared to the MAP/MAF/BARO/ACT sensor signals. If […] More »

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