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Meet the 2012 Ford Expedition

Existing fans of the vehicle and new customers alike will appreciate an overview of the 2012 Ford Expedition because of the changes from previous models. This vehicle has always been known for providing a sturdy, smooth ride and for its excellent power, and the 2012 edition of the Expedition strives to capitalize on both of […] More »

2011 Ford Expedition Overview

The 2011 Ford Expedition is one of the most hotly anticipated new cars of the upcoming model year. With an excellent reputation for specs, accessories, engine quality, drivetrain and more, Ford has a lot to live up to in the 2011 Ford Expedition. Rumors and preliminary tests show that the upcoming model will do just […] More »

How-To Replace Ford Expedition Rear Brake Pads

Brake pads on large sport utility vehicles like the Ford Expedition often wear out more quickly than passenger cars and brake jobs can be costly but with only basic tools you can save yourself the money and service your own brake systems. Other than the parts, to change your own rear brake pads you will […] More »

2009 Ford Expedition Review – Overview and Model Lineup

2009 Ford Expedition Comfortable full-size SUV. [NewCarTestDrive] Overview When it comes time to fill up the tank, it’s not easy to justify a full-size sport utility vehicle. But, even as you pour 28 gallons of regular unleaded into the gas tank of the 2009 Ford Expedition, you can take heart in this sport-utility’s ability to […] More »

2009 Ford Expedition Review – Specs

Model Line Overview Model lineup: Ford Expedition XLT 2WD ($34,845); XLT 4WD ($37,745); XLT EL 2WD ($38,370); XLT EL 4WD ($41,270); Eddie Bauer 2WD ($40,180); Eddie Bauer 4WD ($43,080); Eddie Bauer EL 2WD ($42,830); Eddie Bauer EL 4WD ($45,730); Limited 2WD ($43,010); Limited 4WD ($45,910); Limited EL 2WD ($45,660); Limited EL 4WD ($48,560); King Ranch […] More »

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