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Putting on the Brakes (Part Two)


We’re going to go over the rest of the components of the typical brake system from brake pedal to caliper. So far we covered the pedal, booster, master cylinder and the lines.  Here are the rest of the parts you need to know about and how they work. Calipers/Drums – Most modern Ford Trucks will […] More »

Ford Unveils the 2015 Expedition in Dallas

2015 Ford Expedition

When we arrived at the Venue in the Dallas Design District on the evening of Feb. 18, I thought my colleagues and I had pulled up to a school. The building certainly looked like one from the outside. It was partly alright. I ended up learning a lot about the 2015 Ford Expedition at its […] More »

Guy Hits 400.000 miles in Lincoln Navigator

While not a "Ford" in name, the Lincoln Navigator is every bit a Ford truck in reality. It’s one of the few remaining body-on-frame SUVs still sticking around. That might make it less popular than than the new unibody SUV’s that Ford’s been touting recently, but it’s got one thing that they don’t: longevity. Truth […] More »

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