Category: Diesel Engine, Intake, & Exhaust

Diesel Fuel Additive Road Test Results

Article by FTE member: gchavez The solar system lined up just perfectly where I had three identical 600 mile round trip runs from Tucson to El Paso with no load or trailer, so I decided to try out two DFAs. I fueled up at the same stations each time. The first trip I ran straight [...] More »

6.0L Diesel EGR Disconnect Instructions

Article contributed by members of FTE. This issue has been a hot discussion topic for several weeks now. For everyone's reference and use, I am going to list step by step instructions on the disconnection of the EGR system and removal of the EGR backpressure throttle plate (this throttle plate is only present in early [...] More »

Hot Summer… Cooling Your Diesel Engine

  By, Mark Wildman Field Service Representative International Truck and Engine Corporation The mid-summer heat is intense across the country ““ which means the biggest concern for your diesel truck, van or SUV is your cooling system. There are several options for coolants on the market today, and not all of them are good for [...] More »

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