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Three Types of Ford Suspensions


Ford has had three different types of front suspensions for nearly all of their trucks. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and in this article we’ll take a quick look into each one. We’ll start with the solid axle, and then go through the toughest independent system known as the Twin-I/Twin-Traction Beam. Finally, we’ll [...] More »

Go Broncos! Watch a 1966 Ford Commercial


A lot has changed in the automotive world since 1966. However, to this day it’s still a good idea to make the truck-like vehicle you’re marketing attractive, versatile and rugged. The following commercial for the 1966 Ford Bronco makes it look as if it has all three of those characteristics. Its straight, masculine lines fit [...] More »

Bronco: Power Steering Pump Installation

  By 1998 Mike Boyd Wide tires and serious off-road driving place tremendous demands on all of the steering components.  Not the least of these is the power steering pump.  Sherm’s Bronco is running 36"X14.5 Super Swampers that required very high performance power steering.  On a Rubicon trip in 1997, his power steeringpump boiled over [...] More »