Category: F150 Engine, Intake, & Exhaust

Tuning a Roushcharger for Maximum Performance

Author: Ken Payne   "Roush" — the name means performance. "Supercharger" means power. Combine them and you have the Roushcharger. Roush’s intercooled supercharger kit turns a mild mannered 2004-2007 Ford F-150 into a fire breathing torque monster. Two questions come to mind: How much power and can it be improved upon? The answers? Lots and […] More »

Roush Proves That Crate Engines Don’t Have To Be Stock

LIVONIA, Mich. (February 1, 2007)  Building your dream car? Then it is likely that the biggest question facing you is about the engine. Specifically, should I buy a custom-built engine, or stick with the comfort of a mass-produced crate motor? ROUSH Performance, the leader in Ford powertrain development and all things high-performance, has a wide […] More »

Roushcharger Installation: Before and After Dyno Charts

Author: Ken Payne   The previous article in our Roush F-150 project truck series covered the Roushcharger intercooled supercharger installation article. Before and after power gains were left out and I’m sure many of you are dying to know the bottom line results. We did a series of dyno pulls before and after the supercharger […] More »

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