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How to Change the Oil for your Ford Explorer

A Ford Explorer is a strong, sturdy vehicle, but there’s one thing that it requires that is exactly the same as every other car on the road: a fresh batch of oil every 3000 miles or so. The oil in your Explorer lubricates the engine and makes it run smoothly, and without proper oil replacement, [...] More »

Explorer Front Brake Upgrade

2003 Explorer Limited Front Brakes Performance Upgrade Thanks to user: pminne Note: this same procedure will likely be similar to other model years (especially 1998-2004).  I can’t promise that you will be stopping faster than your girlfriend did on prom night, but you should see a noticeable difference in stopping distance. Time: about 2-3 hours [...] More »

Ford Explorer IAC Fix

My SOHC 4.0 Stall Symptoms: Stuck on the second tier of a multi level parking lot at 8:30 one rainy Poughkeepsie NY October evening- My wife and I were confronted by the way our Explorer would start for a moment but quickly stall out after the gas peddle was released to idle- After repeated attempts [...] More »