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Ford-Truck Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Ford-Truck Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide 2012 VelociRaptor 800 Twin Turbo $Not Cheap Right out of the box, the Ford Raptor is already a ferocious off-road beast. But after the wizards at Hennessy Performance get done working their magic, they’re completely bonkers. The VelociRaptor package includes a laundry list of go-fast bits like twin ball bearing [...] More »

Ladies of SEMA 2012 Gallery

John CoyleFord-Trucks SEMA is pretty awesome. You can’t throw a rock without hitting an amazing custom vehicle. And that’s why throwing rocks at the show is specifically prohibited. But SEMA has a dark side. If it’s the only time you go to Las Vegas, you might think that 95% of the people who travel to [...] More »

Truckin’ Awesome: 50 Photos of Cool Trucks

by Brian Lohnes  BangShift Trucks have exploded in popularity over the last several years as a medium for cool hot rods, race vehicles, and restorations. My love of trucks is well documented here on the pages of BangShift with our Goliath and Brutus projects and my various slobbering over all different shapes and sizes of [...] More »

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