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The Ford GT Has a Massive Active Rear Wing


For as much press as the new Ford GT has received, it seems that everyone and their mother have missed one of the most important aspects about the new Ford supercar, the rear wing. I know what you must be thinking right now, “what rear wing?”

  Comments | By - August 14, 2015

What’s Better Than NASCAR and Vegas? A Free Truck!

nascar tell all

If you really need one more reason to catch the Ultimate Driver Tell-All, NASCAR After The Lap event in Vegas, how about a free, bad-to-the-Brickyard 2016 F-150?

  Comments | By - August 14, 2015

Apollo Edition Mustang Blasts to $230,000 Mark for Charity

01-2015-ford-mustang-apollo-edition - Copy

The next generation of people who will soar through the skies will benefit from the generosity of someone who bought a Mustang that will be able to fly down the road. Sounds about right.

  Comments | By - July 30, 2015

START ME UP! Shelby GT350R Sounds Wicked


Ford is currently on a high performance roll. They can do no wrong in the eyes of the performance community.

  Comments | By - July 29, 2015

Ford Caspi Wagon Concept: Be Still Our Beating Hearts


Wagons, you’ll hear auto journalists from around the globe talking about them, whispering about them, caressing them, and generally making fools of themselves due to their love of the humble station wagon.

  Comments | By - July 27, 2015

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