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The EcoBoost in the Ford GT Sounds Insane!


Here is the first video of the new Ford GT running with all its EcoBoost awesomeness.

  Comments | By - January 14, 2015

Truck Wars Still Raging Despite 2015 F-150’s MPG Numbers


After all of the hype about the next-generation Ford F-150 switching to an aluminum body, the release of its fuel economy numbers became a logical point of focus. Ford finally published them late last month.

  Comments | By - December 2, 2014

You Red It Here: This is One Fast Ranger


The 1988 Ford Ranger GT you see in the video here packs a V8 attached to a massive, 94-millimeter turbo. That combination is set up to pump out around 1,600 horsepower, but it can be dialed in to produce as much as 2,000.

  Comments | By - November 20, 2014

This Lightning Strikes With the Power of 950 Turbocharged Horses


Lightning, whether it’s the kind that bolts down from the clouds or the automotive type that Ford stopped building a decade ago, is fast. The type that brightens the sky can hit you in a split second. The Blue Oval variety doesn’t flash across the quarter-mile mark quite that quickly, but it’s still a force of nature.

  Comments | By - November 19, 2014

A Twin-Turbo Raptor: Don’t You Want Dubai One?


Our planet seems mind-blowingly large, but in reality, it’s a small world. As an American, it’s tempting to think that mine is the only country that loves pickups (we certainly have plenty of them here), especially focused models that can absolutely conquer the outdoors. However, if I were to do that, I would be mistaken.

  Comments | By - November 15, 2014

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