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The Y Block 341 and 368 Ford Engines

The Ford Y Block 341 (5.6 L) is a 341 cubic inch Ford Y Block engine with a compression ratio of 8.5:1 and a bore enlarged to 3.94 inches, which improves the power output to 225 hp @ 4400 rpm and 332 ft lbs of torque. The 341 was introduced in 1956 for Lincoln cars [...] More »

The Ford Y Block vs. the Ford Inline Six Engines

The Ford Inline Six engines and the Ford Y Block V8 engines are two different generations of Ford engines that were both designed to power Ford cars and trucks, but both were also used by other designers to power other vehicles. These includes race car designers looking for a smaller, yet powerful engine to power [...] More »

The Y Block 312 Ford Engine

The Ford Y-Block 312 is the largest Y Block engine of its era and is acclaimed for producing over 300 hp if a Paxton supercharger is added. Initially released in the model year 1956 for high-end Mercury and Ford cars, the Ford Y-block 312 featured a 3.8 inch bore and 3.44 inch stroke with a [...] More »

The Modular V8 5.4L Ford Engine

The 5.4L V8 was introduced in 1997 with the rest of Ford’s then-new modular motor lineup and like the other modular truck motors, it wears the “Triton” name. Unlike other engines that spent time in other vehicles (before finding their way into the Ford trucks), the 5.4L started its life in the F-series as both [...] More »

The Y Block 272 and Y Block 292 Ford Engines

The Ford Y Block 272 cubic inch (4.5 L) engine was first put into a Ford vehicle in 1955, and was the standard engine included with the majority of Ford models. Two-barrel 162 hp and four-barrel 182 hp versions of the Y Block 272 were offered when the engine was introduced. The Ford Y Block [...] More »

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