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The 351 Windsor Ford Engine

Before the Windsor arrived, the first 351 cubic inch engine found in the Ford F-series was based on the Ford M-block, destroked from a 400 block to make 351 cubic inches. This motor was originally intended to replace the 390 big block in the 1977 model year, although it made quite a bit less power […] More »

The Inline Six 250 Ford Engine

The Ford Inline Six 250 is a 4.1L 250 cubic inch straight six-cylinder that was the optional engine available with the 1969 Ford Mustang and medium-sized Ford cars (such as the Ford Maverick) in the 1970 production year. The Inline Six 250 would become the standard engine offered by Ford with their Mustang in 1971 […] More »

The Inline Six 200 Ford Engine

The Ford Inline Six 200 first appeared in 1963, and can be identified by three freeze plugs located on the side of the engine block. The Inline Six 200 had the original four main bearing design inherited from earlier Ford engines, like the 144 and 170 cubic inch Ford engines, and was only included with […] More »

The Y Block 341 and 368 Ford Engines

The Ford Y Block 341 (5.6 L) is a 341 cubic inch Ford Y Block engine with a compression ratio of 8.5:1 and a bore enlarged to 3.94 inches, which improves the power output to 225 hp @ 4400 rpm and 332 ft lbs of torque. The 341 was introduced in 1956 for Lincoln cars […] More »

The Ford Y Block vs. the Ford Inline Six Engines

The Ford Inline Six engines and the Ford Y Block V8 engines are two different generations of Ford engines that were both designed to power Ford cars and trucks, but both were also used by other designers to power other vehicles. These includes race car designers looking for a smaller, yet powerful engine to power […] More »

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