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Shockwave the Jet Truck is Terrifying and Amazing, All at Once


Imagine taking a Ford Ranger, stuffing its engine bay with the new Power Stroke V8…then adding a silo’s worth of nitrous to it. It’s easy to imagine how to overpower such a small truck, but how do you do that with a semi? The answer is: Shockwave the Jet Truck.

  Comments | By - June 10, 2015

Ford Romania Celebrates a Milestone Ken Block Style


Ford’s EcoBoost engines are sold around the world in a large variety of vehicles. Aside from the engine production facility in Cleveland, Ohio, engines are also built in Romania.

  Comments | By - June 9, 2015

The Sin City Hustler is One Helluva Ford Excursion

sin-city-hustler-monster-truck-28 - Copy

Back when the Ford Excursion was out, it got flack from some journalists for being too big to fit into regular garages. Those critics would verbally slaughter the 15,000-pound Excursion you see here. It makes the factory version look like a Smart car in comparison.

  Comments | By - June 8, 2015

Ford’s Made Its Transit Vehicles More Capable and Convenient for 2016

2016-Transit-HR-LWB-dual-doors - Copy

For 2016, Ford is making some improvements to its Transit, Transit Connect, and Transit Connect Wagon.

  Comments | By - June 5, 2015

This Might Be Why Ford Isn’t Bringing the Ranger Back to the U.S.

2011_Ford_Ranger_(PX)_XLT_High_Rider_4-door_Super_Cab_utility_(2012-07-14) (1) - Copy

A Forbes contributor seems to know why Ford isn’t bringing the Ranger back stateside.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2015

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