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This Custom Trike is Powered by Ford


Someone took a Ford flathead V8 and installed it in an attractively simple-looking custom trike.

  Comments | By - March 23, 2015

Ford’s Now Made 5 Million EcoBoost-Powered Vehicles

2015 Ford F-150

A particular Focus with a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine is very special to Ford. It rolled out of the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI late last week as the 5-miliionth vehicle with an EcoBoost power plant under its hood.

  Comments | By - March 18, 2015

Think EcoBoost? Think Cleveland!

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Series with EcoBoost

In the grand scheme of auto shows in North America, the Cleveland Auto Show really doesn’t get a lot of attention. However, this year many of the automakers decided to change that. For Ford, that means bringing their line of Ford Performance vehicles and making some news in the process.

  Comments | By - March 9, 2015

There’s More than Just Blue Oval Power in the Henry Ford Museum

IMG_0202_r - Copy

At a place with a name like “the Henry Ford Museum,” you’d think you’d only see 289s, Clevelands, and 429s. Sure, Blue Oval power plants are there, but they have roommates from other brands.

  Comments | By - March 9, 2015

You Can’t Spell Ford Performance without the Letters “SVT” and “RS”

17FordRaptor_05_HR - Copy

If Ford’s going to sell its brand of go-fast around the world, it has to think globally. That’s why it combined the Special Vehicle Team, Team RS from its European division, and the global Ford Racing enterprise into a one-stop shop for speed: Ford Performance.

  Comments | By - March 3, 2015

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