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T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 2)

On the output shaft there is a lock ring that is a bear to remove if you do not have a lock ring pliers. Invest $20 bucks and get one. Not to be confused with snap ring pliers.   This is the input shaft bearing cover. It contains a seal that must be replaced later. [...] More »

Rebuild of a Dana 60 including Detroit Locker

  Getting some air in a stock F-250       ’91 Ford F-250 Build-Up By Greg Carter Technical Wizardry Steve Shaw Most of this article covers the rebuild of a Dana 60 (donated from a F-350) including Detroit Locker and its installation into a F-250, IFS to Solid front axle, other topics discussed include [...] More »

Ford 10.25 Full Float Axle Rear Disk Brake and Rebuild

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the rear end rebuild except the above one showing the rear disk brakes.  The rebuild of the axle included new gears (4.56) and a Detroit locker.  Gear setup is made a little easier because the shims to setup the backlash are installed outside the bearings, between the bearings [...] More »

Dana 60 Rebuild

  A shot of the shop showing the front diff up on the work stands with my ‘custom’ cut 2×4 :), cut with the diameter of the axle tube housing to better secure it on the stands when working.  Can also see rear diff partially assembled on ground.   A shot of the table after [...] More »

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