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T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 4)

Here is what about $90 bucks will buy you. Main bearings, roller bearings, lock and snap rings, spacers, teflon guides, seals, etc.   Cut a 1" dowel to the length of the shaft and place the large spacer on it. Put one of the roller bearing spacers on next then pack with petroleum jelly and [...] More »

T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 5)

Next place the output shaft assembly into the case.   Place the two shafts together being careful not to lose any of the roller bearings.   Slide the input shaft bearing on. I found it easier to go on by moving the upper assembly around while pressing on the bearing with my other hand. Don’t [...] More »

T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 6)

Apply a thin coating of your favorite gasket sealer then the gasket and another layer of sealer.   Put the bearing cover on and tighten the bolts according to specs.   Do the same process for the pto cover plate.   Install the new teflon guides on the shifter forks, and clean the gasket sealing [...] More »

T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 1)

By Kevin Munson The rebuild process for the Borg-Warner T-18 is about the same as the New Process 435 so I decided to document the rebuild process for all of those 4 speed drivers out there. Click on the images for a larger version. Enjoy!   This is what I started with, the venerable T-18. [...] More »

T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 2)

On the output shaft there is a lock ring that is a bear to remove if you do not have a lock ring pliers. Invest $20 bucks and get one. Not to be confused with snap ring pliers.   This is the input shaft bearing cover. It contains a seal that must be replaced later. [...] More »

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