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You Red It Here: This is One Fast Ranger


The 1988 Ford Ranger GT you see in the video here packs a V8 attached to a massive, 94-millimeter turbo. That combination is set up to pump out around 1,600 horsepower, but it can be dialed in to produce as much as 2,000.

  Comments | By - November 20, 2014

This Lightning Strikes With the Power of 950 Turbocharged Horses


Lightning, whether it’s the kind that bolts down from the clouds or the automotive type that Ford stopped building a decade ago, is fast. The type that brightens the sky can hit you in a split second. The Blue Oval variety doesn’t flash across the quarter-mile mark quite that quickly, but it’s still a force of nature.

  Comments | By - November 19, 2014

Three Types of Ford Suspensions


Ford has had three different types of front suspensions for nearly all of their trucks. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and in this article we’ll take a quick look into each one. We’ll start with the solid axle, and then go through the toughest independent system known as the Twin-I/Twin-Traction Beam. Finally, we’ll […] More »

  Comments | By - September 5, 2014

Limit Your Slip: A Limited Slip Differential Primer


While off-road guys need absolute locked out traction; high performance drivers on a paved road need a differential that will still provide a forward lock and a limited amount of lock while turning for maximum drive off of the corner. So how do we achieve that hard lock out of a corner without having the […] More »

  Comments | By - September 4, 2014

Dirty Work – Off Road with Rob MacCachren


We were trying to recruit other top notch teams to run our E4OD transmission. Rob MacCachren was and still is one of the best off road racers of all times. He had just won the Trophy Truck championship with a largely outdated truck. He had a fairly low budget for the time. He was really […] More »

  Comments | By - July 14, 2014

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