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Building An NP 205 Transfer Case Cradle

By James Oxley       Anyone who has ever had to remove, install, or even just move around a NP 205 transfer case knows how heavy they are. I’d estimate easily over 100 lbs.  It is easy enough usually to get one jack under the bottom of theTC, but getting something to hold up the angled [...] More »

Installing a Detroit Locker

By Bob Kennedy 4.56 Gears, Detroit, and an EZ…   The first part was getting the axles out, this was a case of laying them out as they were removed so they would go back in without too much difficulty. The driver’s side is 1 axle. It is great getting the Dana out and up [...] More »

Bleeding a Concentric Hydraulic Clutch Set-up

By By Ken Tarry I recently installed a Mazda M5OD transmission out of a 1990 F-150 in my 1967 F-250. After a long and tiring process, I came up with a foolproof and very simple way to bleed the hydraulic clutch system. This will work not only for transplants like mine, but also for trucks [...] More »

The Proper Way to Weld Spiders!

By Dan MacDonald No, I’m not talking about them 8-legged critters. I’m talking about those things that are in the center of your open carrier of your axle. I have seen countless posts about what is better: Locker, Limited Slip, or Spool? Well I am not one to say one is better than the other. [...] More »

Ford Transmission Spotter’s Guide

By Bob Ferguson FORD Automatic Transmission Application Guide- I simply compiled this data from numerous sources. I have little/no knowledge of the merits of these trannys myself so blame my sources, not me.- Not intended to be a complete list of all Ford transmission applications. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of overlap as to [...] More »

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