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Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 1)

Powertrax positive locking differential installed in a Ford 9" By Mark Strickland The Powertrax locker was picked up at desert rat off road center. The purchase price was under $300 and since they have a warehouse and storefront in Tucson Arizona, there was no shipping, just tax. Powertrax boasts that the install should take 4 [...] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 2)

We started this install at around 10:00 a.m. It started out easily enough, We blocked the front wheels and lifted the back end of the van and held up the axle with jack stands. 10:10 and so far so good. The next step we did was to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear end. [...] More »

Bleeding a Concentric Hydraulic Clutch Set-up

By By Ken Tarry I recently installed a Mazda M5OD transmission out of a 1990 F-150 in my 1967 F-250. After a long and tiring process, I came up with a foolproof and very simple way to bleed the hydraulic clutch system. This will work not only for transplants like mine, but also for trucks [...] More »

The Proper Way to Weld Spiders!

By Dan MacDonald No, I’m not talking about them 8-legged critters. I’m talking about those things that are in the center of your open carrier of your axle. I have seen countless posts about what is better: Locker, Limited Slip, or Spool? Well I am not one to say one is better than the other. [...] More »

Ford Transmission Spotter’s Guide

By Bob Ferguson FORD Automatic Transmission Application Guide- I simply compiled this data from numerous sources. I have little/no knowledge of the merits of these trannys myself so blame my sources, not me.- Not intended to be a complete list of all Ford transmission applications. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of overlap as to [...] More »

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