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Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 5)

Reassembly went very well and was straightforward. Thrust washer, then the gear that was in the top of the case goes into the bottom. How place a driver in and install the new shaft block and pinion shafts. Now we add the bias spring assemblies. Add the other driver, side gear, washer and shafts and [...] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 6)

Clean the axle housing and mating surfaces. Make sure you get everything out of the axle housing. Metal chips can interfere with the locker. We used black rtv for our gasket seal. Just rtv the housing and then lift the 3rd member into place. Once up there put a few bolts on to hold it [...] More »

Ford 9 Inch Rebuild/Gear Setup

By James Oxley Note: If You Are A Beginner, This Is The Rear You Want To Start With. The 9&Quot; Ford Rear Is A Model Of Simplicity For Adjustment Of Pinion Depth And Setting Backlash Note: To Perform This Rebuild, You Should Have A Shop Manual That Lists Torque Specs, A Full Size Floor Jack [...] More »

Building An NP 205 Transfer Case Cradle

By James Oxley       Anyone who has ever had to remove, install, or even just move around a NP 205 transfer case knows how heavy they are. I’d estimate easily over 100 lbs.  It is easy enough usually to get one jack under the bottom of theTC, but getting something to hold up the angled [...] More »

Installing a Detroit Locker

By Bob Kennedy 4.56 Gears, Detroit, and an EZ…   The first part was getting the axles out, this was a case of laying them out as they were removed so they would go back in without too much difficulty. The driver’s side is 1 axle. It is great getting the Dana out and up [...] More »

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