Category: Drivetrain, Transmission, & Axle

B&M Shift Improver Installation

You may be asking, "What is a B&M shift improver and why do I need one?" Well, let me tell you. If you own a Bronco or F-Series truck and have an E4OD tranny then you know why you need one. Unless you have a fresh tranny. As many of us know, after a while [...] More »

Hydraulic Clutch Troubleshooting

 By Jeff Fisher If your 1984 or later Hydraulic clutch is acting up, as in, not fully disengaging the clutch when the pedal is pressed or the clutch pedal not fully returning after being pressed read on… Before swapping out the clutch components because you are suspecting a worn throw out bearing, inspect the linkage [...] More »

Ford C6/NP205 removal and re-installation guide

By John Bauer Disclaimer: The following document outlines procedures for removing and installing a Ford C6 with New Process 205 transmission and transfer case. The author assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damage, injury, loss of property or life resulting from the use of these instructions. The author assumes no liability for the [...] More »

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