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Hydraulic Clutch Troubleshooting

 By Jeff Fisher If your 1984 or later Hydraulic clutch is acting up, as in, not fully disengaging the clutch when the pedal is pressed or the clutch pedal not fully returning after being pressed read on… Before swapping out the clutch components because you are suspecting a worn throw out bearing, inspect the linkage [...] More »

Ford C6/NP205 removal and re-installation guide

By John Bauer Disclaimer: The following document outlines procedures for removing and installing a Ford C6 with New Process 205 transmission and transfer case. The author assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damage, injury, loss of property or life resulting from the use of these instructions. The author assumes no liability for the [...] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 3)

One very important step that you must do is mark everything. If you don’t mark things you will probably have to take your diff to someone to get it "setup" again. We marked the bearing caps (different marks on each side). The caps are not interchangeable so don’t cut corners by marking them the same. [...] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 4)

Now its time to check the parts. If the side gears are badly worn the locker will not work. The spider gears and the block are no longer used so don’t worry about those. Now wash the case and all the reused parts in solvent and then dry them. After inspecting the gears we determined [...] More »

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