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VIDEO: Ford Truck Billet Grille: How to Install

Billet grille replacements on Ford trucks are among the most common customizations. The job is a fairly simple one that you should be able to do yourself. That can save you some real money. Tools Needed Socket Wrench 10mm Socket Torx T20 Screw Driver Power Drill with 1/8 inch bit Steps 1. Install the Lower [...] More »

Tonneau Cover Buyer’s Guide for Ford Trucks

Tonneau covers offer style and aerodynamics to any truck, but before purchasing one, its important to look at what you really need from your truck.  There are three main questions to ask yourself before beginning your search for a new tonneau cover. 1.    How severe is your weather?2.    How worried are you about security?3.    How [...] More »

Tonneau Ford Truck Cover Modification Review

Tonneau covers are one of the most useful and practical truck modifications.  Bed covers have been changing since the introduction of the pickup truck, so there is no “first tonneau cover” claimed by anyone, but the ancestry of both hard and soft tonneau covers can be tracked back through their evolution. Soft tonneau covers were [...] More »

Ford Truck Body Lift kit

Body lift kit   A lift kit is an aftermarket vehicle modification that lifts either the suspension or the body to give the vehicle a higher profile. They are often referred to as a body lift or a suspension lift, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Once a lift kit is installed, the wheel wells [...] More »

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