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The Case of the Missing Pigment

Tuxedo Black, which debuted in 2008 to much ballyhooed fanfare, is the go-to black paint for many Ford models, including the F-150. Part of what makes the paint so special, and so difficult to produce, is the fact that it has flakes derived from glass. Since the earthquake and tsunami struck northern Japan, Ford had [...] More »

Installing Lund Oval Step Bars, a How-To and Review

by Rob Cowen First impression: Received the Lund Oval Step Bars via UPS, and upon opening the box, I can say they took great care to package them for the inevitable treatment by shipping people that don’t care. After getting the bars out of the package, these things look great, and not being on the [...] More »

Tonneau Cover Buyer’s Guide for Ford Trucks

Tonneau covers offer style and aerodynamics to any truck, but before purchasing one, its important to look at what you really need from your truck.  There are three main questions to ask yourself before beginning your search for a new tonneau cover. 1.    How severe is your weather?2.    How worried are you about security?3.    How [...] More »

Tonneau Ford Truck Cover Modification Review

Tonneau covers are one of the most useful and practical truck modifications.  Bed covers have been changing since the introduction of the pickup truck, so there is no “first tonneau cover” claimed by anyone, but the ancestry of both hard and soft tonneau covers can be tracked back through their evolution. Soft tonneau covers were [...] More »

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