Category: 53-79 F-Series Steering & Suspension

Power Steering & Disk Brakes 2wd 65-72

Installing disk brakes and power steering in a 2wd 65-72 F-Series pickup Thanks to user: Ford_Six In this article, I will give you direct step-by-step instructions on how to remove your drum front brakes and install disk brakes, along with swapping your manual steering for power steering.  This article assumes you have power drum brakes [...] More »

Toyota Steering Box Swap For 1948-1960 Trucks

Toyota Steering Box Swap for 1948-1960 Trucks By R.M. (Bob) Ferguson (FTE screen name Ferguson777) and Chuck Frank (FTE screen name AXracer) Background A common complaint from owners of 1948 through 1960 Ford truck owners using the original straight axle suspension and steering is sloppiness in the steering of their vehicle – the “drunken monkey” syndrome. [...] More »

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