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The Aerodynamics of the 2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150: Toughest and Most Aerodynamic

It’s been a staple look of the F-150 since the Eleventh Generation came into production. The squared-up, tough look is part of what makes the F-150 feel capable and rugged. This design also can play a crucial role in the aerodynamic properties that influence the fuel economy of the 2015 F-150. The designs added have [...] More »

Transit Connect Wagon Rocks!


When Ford introduced North America to the once Euro-only Transit Connect, they knew that it would have to be available for customers who had mobility needs. Thanks to Ford’s Mobility Motoring Reimbursement Program, the Transit Connect has become the choice of retail customers with those needs. Has that turned into gains for 2014? Ford says [...] More »

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