Author: Lexi Shorey

BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A Classic 1989 F-150 Bricknose


Completing a build is sometimes relatively uncomplicated and easy. Everything falls into place perfectly and you find yourself smiling at the end, glad that you tackled the goal and brought a Ford back to life. Things just go right. Well, for Ford truck enthusiast Bootlegger’s Deluxe things just haven’t seem to go that way with his 1989 F-150 build.

TRUCK YOU! A F-150 and a Cougar in the Garage

2012 F-150 SuperCrew

Here on FTE we see a lot of trucks, which makes sense. However, not every member of FTE owns just a truck. Some own sports cars, motorcycles, and even small sedans to use for the daily commute. Ford truck enthusiast xr7gt390 is one of those people that can’t just own one vehicle, and we understand why. Two vehicles make their home in his garage: A 2012 F-150 SuperCrew and a classic Mercury Cougar.

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