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The Five Essentials Of Racetrack Tailgatin’

By NASCAR Driver Terry Cook NASCAR Driver Terry Cook Counts Down This Summers’ Must-Have Ingredients for a Good Time CHICAGO (July 2, 2003) – On a hot summer weekend, there’s no better way to enjoy the afternoon than to pull up at a racetrack with a cooler full of burgers and a grill ready to [...] More »

Protecting Parts With The Black Oxide Process

By Kevin Munson The black oxide process is a very cost effective way to protect small parts like nuts, bolts and brackets from rusting. Every automobile manufacturer uses this process on their vehicles. It is a very simple process that anyone can do. The Eastwood Company sells a kit for $40, and includes everything you [...] More »

99-03 Turbo Removal & Wicked Wheel Installation

By: Stu Haas These directions apply to 99-03 Ford F250 Powerstroke 7.3 diesels. Some steps may be a bit different on you PSD depending upon existing truck modifications, intakes, bypasses, etc. Recommended Supplies Padded moving blanket (Home Depot) Engine degreaser Penetrating oil and lubricant Small stepladder Anti-Seize copper Engine degreaser Ford pedestal and turbo "O" [...] More »

1/08/2003 – Model U Concept: A Model For Change

The Model U is a model for change. “The company's Centennial offers us a unique opportunity to reflect on our many past accomplishments. But, it also challenges us to look ahead and create a vision of continuing success. Model U is an exploration of that future vision.” Bill Ford Chairman and CEO, Ford Motor Company [...] More »

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