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Ford’s 2015 Pickups Reporting for Super Duty


When I was in high school. I always associated big trucks with the cool guys and jocks who got all the girls. That was in the early 2000s. These days, it seems Ford is proud to make its trucks a little more book-wormy.┬áIts 2015 Super Duty lineup is the head of its classes, depending on […] More »

Meet “The Beast”: Geiger Cars Ford F-150 SVT Raptor


Obviously, if you’re considering buying a Raptor, you’ve thrown all precepts of subtlety out the door along with gas mileage and towing ability. There are more important things to consider. Like power! And the ability to instill fear into small children with a blip of the right pedal. Geiger Cars ratchet the shock and awe […] More »

Ford Unveils the 2015 Expedition in Dallas

2015 Ford Expedition

When we arrived at the Venue in the Dallas Design District on the evening of Feb. 18, I thought my colleagues and I had pulled up to a school. The building certainly looked like one from the outside. It was partly alright. I ended up learning a lot about the 2015 Ford Expedition at its […] More »

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