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superduty-list Digest Sat, 20 Jan 2001 Volume: 2001  Issue: 015

In This Issue:
Re: 250 vs 350
Re: 250 vs 350
Trans. Case Shifting Problems


From: "Harald" <Harald>
Subject: Re: 250 vs 350
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 18:54:57 -0800

Don wrote:
Now I'm trying to figure out what an F350 brings to the table that an F250
doesn't.  And is it worth the extra cost?  I think that a 350 allows you to
carry more in the bed!?  I seem to remember being told that you can actually
tow more with a 250 (assuming same engine, drive train, etc.)  Is this
because the 350 weighs more (heavier frame ?)


The F350 can carry 1100 lbs more weight (everything else being equal) than
the F250.  The difference is higher rated springs (the same number of
springs in each case, but the 350 springs are slightly thicker), stronger
axle internals (they're both Sterling axles, but have different part numbers
and for sure different bearings), higher load rated tires standard, and most
importantly the different badges on the fender and different weight ratings
on the door post.  The difference in weight is less than 20 lbs and I can't
tell the difference in ride quality.

2000 F350 CC DRW 4x4 V10 4.30ls Lariat


From: "Jason Derra" <derrar>
Subject: Re: 250 vs 350
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 20:30:51 -0800

> stronger axle internals (they're both Sterling axles, but have different
part numbers
> and for sure different bearings),

There is no difference in drivetrain.  Both share the 10.25 in the rear and
the Dana 50 in the front for a single rear wheel application.  Same ujoints,
bearings, axle shafts, etc, etc, etc.

'69 Bronco 5.0 HO EFI, NP435
'96 F250 Ext Cab 4WD Powerstroke
'77 F150 4WD 429
"As fast as necessary, as slow as possible"


From: "Dan Brotzman" <no1windo>
Subject: Trans. Case Shifting Problems
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 08:40:43 -0600

This message is for  "wldwilliam" with the transfer case shifting problem. I
have a 99.5 F350 PSD 4X4 CC LB 6spd. At 4,000 miles my transfer case failed
while driving down the road in 2 wheel drive. The transfer case just went to
neutral without any warning or noise. I had complained to my dealer about
the t-case shifting very hard when I first picked the truck up. He told me
they are all "stiff" when new, but "loosen" up after they arte broken in.
Typical dealer story. What actualluy happened was the shift fork must have
been bent when the transfer case was originally assembled. The mechanic that
ended up rebuilding the t-case said the shift fork was manually holding the
t-case in gear until the fork wore off allowing the shift collar to slide
back to neutral. Once the fork wore off and it went to neutral I was "dead
in the water". After the t-case was rebuilt it shifted very easily with or
without the hubs locked in.
Dan Brotzman


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