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small-list Digest Mon, 04 Dec 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 202

In This Issue:
Bumper Stickers
Annual FTE Charity Drive
Re: Explorer - Broken Antenna
Re: Explorer - Broken Antenna
Ed Miller's Radio Antenna, etc.


Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 15:44:26 -0500
From: J Cope <88biixlt>
Subject: Bumper Stickers

I love the "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive..." bumper stickers, but I'd
much rather see my friends in a Chevy or a Mopar than in an import!  How
about a "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Imports" sticker...
Just a thought.



Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 18:16:15 -0500
From: Ken Payne <kpayne>
Subject: Annual FTE Charity Drive

Ford Truck Enthusiasts has had a tradition of holding an
fund-raiser each year in support of a worthy cause.  This
year's cause is especially worthy and hits close to home.

During the SEMA show in Las Vegas I had the opportunity
to meet with long time FTE member Darrell (aka JumpinFord)
and one of our newest members, his friend "Scooter."  We
had a great time having lunch on Saturday and hanging out
after lunch.

A few days after the SEMA show, Scooter passed away rather
suddenly during an epileptic seizure. Though I didn't know
Scooter long, I can say that he was an very nice guy.  He
was also very funny and had a lot of talent (he was an actor
who's been on several shows/movies). A photo of Scooter can
be found on the FTE web site at:

Scooter (Lee Stephan) was a young man and was survived by
his wife and two children, ages 3 and 5.  Sadly, they are
not financially in a good spot, especially during this time
of year.  Lee was unable to afford his full dosage of
medication and this was a contributing factor in his death.
According to Darrell, Lee was too proud to accept charity.

I'm sure most of you will agree that this is a very worthy
cause.  The Stephan family could use your help.  Ms. Stephan
has gratefully accepted our offer to help after I told her
to not let her pride get in the way.  FTE has set up a link
in order to take credit card donations.  We will forward all
funds to the Stephan family on the 18th of December.

Ms. Stephan has given me permission to publish her address
should you decide to make a contribution by check or money
order (please use the address only for contributions or
condolence cards, their privacy needs to be respected).
Please note on any funds "FTE Drive".

Stephanie Stephan
650 Plumer Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

The secure contribution form (via our online store) can be
found at:

I will publish the total sent on the 18th.

Your participation would be appreciated.  Our strength lies
in our numbers and together we can make a huge difference
for a family that has found itself in a difficult situation.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


From: "Brian A" <richat22>
Subject: Re: Explorer - Broken Antenna
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 00:25:23 -0000

I work for a large company professionally installer mobile electronics.
If I am not bad wrong (been a while for an explorer, but its a ford)  you do
have to take the inner fender off to replace the motor assy.  To replace
just the mast on that model you can take off the ring on top with the four
slots in it where the antenna comes out and turn on the radio.  the mast
should come out.  Maybe with a pair of needle nose to help.  I would not
replace it with a cheap radio shack model.  If nothing else take it to a
larger car stereo shop and but a cheap non-power replacement.  But to be
honest i would just go buy a mast from the ford dealer or the same stereo
shop if they have one in stock, and go that route.  very inexpensive.  may
even be able to get it installed for under $50 dollars.  Check it out.

As for an amplifier not too many will help your AM.  Fords are notorious for
poor am.  the older the model the worse.  Just poor engineering.


>I recently went through a car wash without lowering my power antenna.   As
>result of my stupidity I am now without an antenna.    I was going to
>replace it
>with a non-power version.   Can I just use a standard replacement from
>Shack or someplace like that.    Also I have been relatively unhappy with
>radio reception.   Are there any good low noise amplifiers out there.
>mainly interested in AM since I'm a talk show junky.    Finally how do you
>at the antenna.  Looking at it it appears I have to take the mud cover off
>wheel well.
>Thanks in advance
>Ed Miller

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From: "Keith Christensen" <radiopro>
Subject: Re: Explorer - Broken Antenna
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 23:13:19 -0800

Yes, you can install a non-power antenna-- read further on tho.

I've not seen any "antenna preamp" for BCB AM yet that didn't
increase the noise more than the signal without going into stuff
that's quite pricey and needs to be tuned to the frequency.

Most OEM antennas are usually 30" or less, and are "somewhat"
optimized for the FM band.  AM really needs a much longer antenna to
do well with most late OEM radios-- their AM tuner sections are
about 30% as good as back in the 50's and early 60's when they
REALLY built good AM tuners. Wolfman Jack and the "X" out of Mexico
wouldn't fly today, as most folks couldn't hear him on the cheesy AM
on today's cars!!

One way to improve AM reception is to put a MUCH longer antenna on
your vehicle; one of the best is the old 108" Spring/Ball CB
antenna, even if mounted on the bumper...... but dealing with that's
going to be a hassle .

Something more manageable is a two-way radio antenna with no loading
coil in the base and the longest whip they sell-- In the case of
Larsen Antennas, that would get you 49"  in the NMO series.

The other option is to replace the OEM radio/deck with an
aftermarket unit that has a GOOD AM tuner. Pioneer's "Supertuner
III" line's usually at the top, but Sony and Kenwood both have some
hot ones as well.  I'm not up on what's available, but you could try
email or phone assistance at   and ask
for what's their best AM tuner equipped decks.

> From: "Edward C. Miller" <millered>
> Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 08:01:03 -0500
> Subject: Explorer - Broken Antenna
> I recently went through a car wash without lowering my power
antenna.   As a
> result of my stupidity I am now without an antenna.    I was going
to replace it
> with a non-power version.   Can I just use a standard replacement
from Radio
> Shack or someplace like that.    Also I have been relatively
unhappy with the
> radio reception.   Are there any good low noise amplifiers out
there.    I'm
> mainly interested in AM since I'm a talk show junky.    Finally
how do you get
> at the antenna.  Looking at it it appears I have to take the mud
cover off the
> wheel well.
> Thanks in advance
> Ed Miller


From: rgstein
Subject: Ed Miller's Radio Antenna, etc.
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 14:33:59 -0800 (PST)

Ed wrote that his antenna broke off in a car wash. I'll let someone else
who knows more about this vehicle comment about the mounting method.

Ed also mentioned that his AM reception had been poor, and asked about an
amplifier. Before looking into exotic solutions, may I recommend a
time-honored low-tech fix? Unless there's something new under the sun,
poor AM performance is usually caused by an antenna trimmer that's out-of-
adjustment. The antenna trimmer is a small screw usually located near the
antenna socket on a car radio. The purpose of the trimmer screw is to
match the radio to the antenna for peak performance. To adjust it, you
typically tune the radio to any part of the upper half of the AM dial
where there's no station. Adjust the trimmer for the greatest noise
loudness. That's all there is to it. You can do it on a station if you
wish, but it should be a really weak station.

You perform this adjustment after you install your new antenna. The
typical car radio, even cheap ones, are usually decent AM receivers.
As far as talk radio, when I worked in radio, I got a bad taste from
radio talk show hosts: big egos, loud mouths, empty brains.


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