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small-list Digest Mon, 21 Aug 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 134

In This Issue:
Tranny interchangability?????
Re: [Torque]
Torque wrenches and skinned knuckles
Explorer tires - best way to get them replaced?


From: "David Wilkins" <dwilkins>
Subject: Tranny interchangability?????
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 10:53:30 -0400

Are you sure the three trannys are interchangable.  I have an 89 BII whose Mitsu tranny blew up on it 6 mo's ago.  I knew I had the Mitsu, but didn't know there were two types, so when I got a rebuilt Mitsu tranny on the cheap, I was stoked.  Until I tried to put it in.  The FM145 was like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.  They were totally different.  Different length input shafts, different length output shafts, and the hole on top where the shifter goes was in a totally different place.  I have know idea how you would go about installing an FM145 into a FM146 hole.  If you have any info on how to do this, let me know please, because I have this perfectly new tranny sitting in my barn not being used, and I'd like to know I can either use it, or someone on this list needs a tranny, let me know and I would be glad to get rid of it.



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Hi Cliff,

You can bolt in the Fm146/FM145 and the M5OD interchangeably. I have done this between
my father's ranger and my bronco 2 a few times already. It works, I have done it.

Have fun,



Date: 21 Aug 00 21:33:06 EDT
From: Tim Turner <ManicMechanicNC>
Subject: Re: [Torque]

Adam McLaughlin <kd6poc> wrote:
> I have a question for all of you. I will be torquing some 1 and 1/8"
> nuts this weekend,

A bit late on the reply; but if you can still get to 'em...

> and Ford says to torque them to 170 to 220 ft/lbs. My
> wrench only goes up to 150. How could I get them tighter, and still be
> in that neighborhood?
> Is there a way, that I could torque them to 150, and then say, bring the
> nut around another quarter turn to get it to 170 or something?

Assuming you (or someone you know) weighs in the 170-220 range mark a spot on
your ratchet/breaker bar excatly 1 Foot from the center of the drive head.
Use your torque wrench to 120 or so then using your marked wrench stand on the
mark with one foot and your body centered over the mark until it stops.
Alternatively find a "Torque extension" (a measured bar with the proper drives
on each end); this will involve some measuring & math to use though.  If you
have a kid brother/sister in the 70 Lb range that would be ideal; use a 3 Foot
mark to get 210 Lb.-Ft. and the kid will probably have fun in the process.
;-)  Note:  dont use the torque wrench for the 'marker', good way to knock it
out of calibration.


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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:36:21 +0100
From: Adam McLaughlin <kd6poc>
Subject: Torque wrenches and skinned knuckles

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion. I finally finished wrenching on it today, about a day later than
expected. On my little baby bronco 2, I have now installed a james duff stage 3 suspension system
with long link traction bars.

I got all of the bolts that need to be at minimum of 170 ft/lbs to 150, and I will bring them
around another 20 ft/lbs wednesday or Tuesday when I borrow a bigger wrench.

Well, with the first mile and a half on the suspension, I can say that it is nothing short of
awesome, incredibly stable and agile. There is some kind of squeaking in one of the bushings when
I start from a dead stop; I think this could be the work of a transmission cross member being a
little bit to loose. I am not sure, but will check.

I got all of the 1 1/8" nuts torqued to 81 ft/lbs. These are where the long link radius arms grab
the frame, and the long link traction bars grab the frame too.

We'll see. I have to do some school/work commuting tomorrow, but I'll get the wrenches back on it
tomorrow night.

Had one scary time, though. I cross threaded the lower bolt on the passenger side radius arm a few
turns. Even the tap wanted to get in there crosswise. Thank god for Napa auto parts and patience.

I will have much to say later!



From: "Edward C. Miller" <millered>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:42:52 -0400
Subject: Explorer tires - best way to get them replaced?

I heard on the news that Ford has authorized dealers to replace the defective
Firestone tires.   However when I called my local ford dealer he said I had to
go through Firestone.
I called Firestone and they said come in - they'll put me on a list and replace
the tires in a few weeks with whatever comparable tire they have in stock.

Anyone out there getting tires replaced by Ford?   I'd like some say in the
replacement tire - not some no name brand tire that someone says is comparable.
Does comparable with Firestone mean that they will fly apart also?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



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