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small-list-digest Saturday, December 11 1999 Volume 03 : Number 324

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FTE Small - 5.0 V8 AWD knocking/Diesel engine noise during warmup
Re: FTE Small - 5.0 V8 AWD knocking/Diesel engine noise during warmup
Re: FTE Small - ticking in 2.9l
FTE Small - Tire Questions.. (Long winded) 235 alternatives ??



Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:29:00 -0500
From: "T.Lee"
Subject: FTE Small - 5.0 V8 AWD knocking/Diesel engine noise during warmup

Does anyone have a problem with 5.0 v8 awd with knocking noise in the
morning? It sounds like diesel engine during warm up, especially during cold
mornings. Dealer says its normal, but I cant buy that.
T. Lee

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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 10:38:10 -0500
From: David Cooley
Subject: Re: FTE Small - 5.0 V8 AWD knocking/Diesel engine noise during warmup

What oil/filter are you using???
How long does it take to go away?
If it takes about 2-3 minutes, it's an exhaust leak, and the only normal
part of that is all the V8's seem to crack exhaust manifolds easily.

At 09:29 AM 12/10/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a problem with 5.0 v8 awd with knocking noise in the
>morning? It sounds like diesel engine during warm up, especially during cold
>mornings. Dealer says its normal, but I cant buy that.
>T. Lee
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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:58:42 -0600
From: Mike Harms
Subject: Re: FTE Small - ticking in 2.9l

It depends on the frequency of the ticking. I assume the ticking is related
to engine RPM's. The faster the engine is spinning the faster the ticking

On the 2.9 tech web board ( ranger. com/wwwboard3.html) a
person named Sven Pruett (sp?) from Vanir Technologies laid down what he
feels is the cause of ticking in 2.9 engines. He has a background in
rebuilding the Ford Cologne V6 motors of which the 2.9 is one. Right now
Vanir only does 4.0 performance stuff though.

He felt that the issue is the lifters ticking being caused by poor oiling to
the lifters. He feels this is due to deposits on the lifters from mineral
oils. This lifters are more prone to this due to the extremely tight
tolerances where they sit. It is his recommendation that all 2.9 engines
should run Synthetic Oil. As Synthetic will not leave deposits and is a
better quality oil. Most people that have Rebuilt their 2.9's and then
started using Synthetic, they have seen that the noise goes away. Some
people with high mileage engines but no rebuild have also had good results
with a change to synthetic.

That's what I would try first. I've had the same problem on my 2.9 ranger
and once I get it rebuilt, and broken in, it'll be running on synthetic.

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 17:17:14 -0500
From: Steve Bozzone
Subject: FTE Small - ticking in 2.9l
>I've been wondering for some time about the ticking of my 88 bii (2.9l
>auto eddie bauer ).
>It goes on and off and doesn't seem to depend on anything.. sometimes
>I'll hear nothing, sometimes I'll hear a small tick, and sometimes it's
>a LOUD tick tick tick. Nothing I do seems to have an affect on the
>situation, it changes all the time.
>I'm aware that it is the lifters.. but could it be anything else?
>just passed 100k, thanks!
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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:00:03 -0800
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: FTE Small - Tire Questions.. (Long winded) 235 alternatives ??

(Posted to the small-list and offroad-list both..)

I'm gonna have to get new rubber for my Bronco II . I've got enough tread to
get me thru the winter till the income tax refund gets here, so I've got
time to look and ask questions.

The vehicle? 88 Bronco II, 2.9L with the OD auto trans, 3.73's in the
pumpkins . Original tire size from Ford was 205R70(75) 15

Rims are Mopar steel 7-3/4" wide "ralleye/copcar" that offset almost the
same as the original OEM 6-1/4 steel or alloy rims. (and that's measured
'inside the cheeks" )

I'm running Les Schwab Wildcats in 215R75 "4 ply" tires now, and they
weren't BAD tires, but I bought them to fit the stock skinny rims and it
shows after 50K on those.. BTW.. the tread is almost an inch narrower than
the rim. The most distressing trait is the 'ability'(?) to lose front
turning traction in the wet ( Seattle -please no teargas jokes!) when
'driving with vigor' ..

I don't want to gain an awful lot in height.... It had 30.5x9.50s on the
6-1/4" alloys when I bought it, and that was just a leetle too much tire
height for the 2.9 . It would "OD hunt" on the hiway with any headwind or
grade, and just didn't feel good. I didn't tow with the 30.5s, but now I
have and use a moderate utility trailer (bed/frame of an 86 Ranger s/b 4x4!)
so I have to keep 'effective ratio" in mind. Part of the problem back then
was tired engine and trans, but even with a stock but STRONG 2.9 , I need
all the bottom grunt and don't want to waste it on too-tall-tire syndrome.
Not enuf coins for a Duff lift and 4.11/4.56 gears).

Yeahh.. I know I'm wimping out, but I came to the harsh reality that I DON'T
do enough 'hardcore offroad' to justify any of the more aggressive offroad
rubber. I may do 1000 miles a year off road, and that's mostly logging roads
and access trails to radio sites . I spend FAR more time and miles on
pavement ..

I was DAMNED surprised by how well the Wrangler ATS worked on ice and snow,
as well as heavy rain on the freeway. Unfortunately, this was on the 3/4 t
4x4 'Burban I drive at work , and those were 8 ply rated..

I started asking Goodyear dealers if the ATS was available in a B or C
loadrange in a shorter/wider size like 235R70 or even 245R65.. no luck.
(either would probably fit those 7-3/4 rims well, and keep the OA height

Maybe Ford cut a deal with Goodyear (OEM tires), but I had a 99 Explorer
rental last month with 235R70-15 ATS on it..

I've seen 97/98 Explorers delivered with Les Schwab Wild Country 'Touring"
(same size) in Seattle (dealer item??) that look and act about the same as
the ATS.

But.. one of the guys at the Les Schwab store that I trust threw an idea at
me.... they have a wide street tire that is real similar to the old 'Eagle
GT+4' that worked well on my Tojo 2wd, even on the same logging roads.
Even better, a 255R60 mates well to the 7-3/4 rim and is actually a tad bit
'shorter' than the 215's I have now.

The tread pattern is a fairly open one, with rain channels and lots of
siping slots in the small tread blocks

He claims that they've had good luck on these on Audi Quattros, and a fair
number of mid-size SUVs.

Any comments here; or any better ideas?

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