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small-list-digest Sunday, November 7 1999 Volume 03 : Number 291

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer, Bronco 2 and Aerostar
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FTE Small - Bleeding Aerostar Brakes: An Answer
Re: FTE Small - "...built on a Ranger chassis."
Re: FTE Small - "...built on a Ranger chassis."



Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 13:25:43 -0800
From: rgstein
Subject: FTE Small - Bleeding Aerostar Brakes: An Answer

OK. This may be the information we've been looking for:

I did some detective work. In general here's what I know:
1. The Aerostar requires a special approach to brake bleeding.
2. The procedure is not covered in my Haynes Aerostar book, Copyright
1994 (Note: there has been at least one newer Haynes since then).
3. The procedure is not covered on my Alldata CD ROM v1.8, Copyright
4. The bleeding procedure IS covered on my Popular Mechanics/Alldata CD
ROM v2.0, copyright 1998. My paraphrase follows. Note that I have not
included the standard, traditional bleeding procedure, which appears to
be normal. But after you do the usual stuff:

'On vehicles with rear antilock brakes:
- - Bleed the RABS valve.
For all vehicles:
If applicable, centralize the presure differential control valve:
- - Turn the ignition switch to "ACC."
- - Push brake pedal down. The warning light will extinguish when the
piston is centered.
- - Turn off the ignition switch.'

This may just do the trick.

It may also work for other Ford light trucks with the same brake setup
(Rear-only antilock brakes).

In researching this, I came upon what seemed a dizzying array of
technical service bulletins about Aerostar brakes: a lot of it regarding
squeals, knocking, vibrations, and the worst being a failure of the
antilock brake computer in which a defect in the system would not be
shown by the warning light.

Typical causes were wrong lubricants, bad factory machining, wrong
parts, etc.

There was a factory recall for bad antilock brake computer modules.
Note that the antilock brake system is NOT part of "the computer."
There is a separate ABS computer located under the ash tray; a flat
black box with a "Mexico" sticker on it. (I don't think that any of our
vehicles have a "the computer." When people say "The Computer," they
mean the main computer, or emission control computer. There are a
number of different microcircuits located around the vehicle for things
such as ABS, dome lights, etc.)

There is even a Technical Service Bulletin warning Ford mechanics to be
extra-careful when working on Aerostar brakes!

With all of the special tips, cautions, lubricants, even lining issues,
etc., etc., I began to wonder if I should take the beast to the dealer
for any and all brake work.

To you non-Aerostar people here on the list, I want to mention that I
noted that some of the TSBs also applied to Rangers and Explorers, but
the material was so dense that I couldn't get into it.

Before you all run out and buy an Alldata or Popular Mechanics CD ROM
disk, I want to say, again, that I almost hate them. I find them very
difficult to use, there's no index, and the information that I want is
very often missing. The only "how-tos" I've ever found are either very
general, or in the TSBs. They are very good for Technical Service
Bulletins, and may be worth the price just for those.

If you use these instructions, please give us feedback about how it


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Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 15:54:43 -0800
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - ADMIN: TRIM REPLIES {THANKS} !!!

> Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 18:31:06 -0500
> From: Ken Payne
> Subject: FTE Small - ADMIN: TRIM REPLIES
> I asked last week for people to trim their replies when
> responding to lengthy posts

> The request is no longer a request and will be enforced.
> Ken Payne
> Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Thanks, Ken!

And some general info on this

I just came home from 2 weeks 'totally non-netted' and have spent 3 days
wading thru the maillists and this was one item that had me ready to do a
"non-admin" rant on same! (I'm also on the offroad and perf lists here, as
well as SPAM-L and a few more.)
All maillists have this problem from time to time......

I admit to doing the same clutter due to mindfarts at 0-dark-thirty... __it
happens. All I ask is that there is some slack for those same 'mindfarts'
if there isn't a constant pattern.

Trimming replies is gonna be even more needed when the HTML posts start
coming in due to the overhead that adds. I still prefer plain ASCII text,
but I'm a dinosaur now.

"Trimming" is harder when replying to a 'digest' posting as there is far
more chopping if you 'reply' to the digest mail. It may be better to
copy/paste the 'digest' to Notepad or whatever is comfortable to you (text
editor/wordprocessor) and delete all the unnecesssary/unrelated text there
before you even THINK of your reply.. and thinking helps you decide if this
reply is good! It's all to easy to see something and reply in haste, then
realize you made a bad judgement call. This can save you from making a
'flame' that you WILL regret (been dere, done dat !!).

Remember to change the SUBJECT line to the one you are replying "at" , and
add the RE prefixif needed . FTE rejects unchanged subjects from the

When "trimming", it's good practice to add one line () to indicate
that you deleted lines from the original post(s). Paraphrasing works as
well, but that can get hairy if the paraphrasing doesn't agreee with the
original text or the originator's idea..

BTW.. thanks for booting Mr. Gill !

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Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 20:51:19 -0600
From: alannorthstar
Subject: Re: FTE Small - "...built on a Ranger chassis."

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 08:29:05 -0800, you wrote:

:I keep seeing statements that "The Aerostar is built on the Ranger
Actually, I think the Explorer and the Ranger are built on the same
basic chassis, sharing many structural components -- especially from
the firewall forward.

Don't know about the Aerostar, except I *thought* it was a separate

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Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 22:02:20 -0500
From: "David A. Cooley"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - "...built on a Ranger chassis."

At 08:51 PM 11/6/99 -0600, you wrote:
>On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 08:29:05 -0800, you wrote:
>:I keep seeing statements that "The Aerostar is built on the Ranger
>Actually, I think the Explorer and the Ranger are built on the same
>basic chassis, sharing many structural components -- especially from
>the firewall forward.

Parked my Explorer nose to nose with a ranger today... Explorer is almost
a foot wider.

David Cooley N5XMT Internet: N5XMT
Packet: N5XMT KQ4LO.#INT.NC.USA.NA T.A.P.R. Member #7068
Sponges grow in the ocean... Wonder how deep it would be if they didn't?!
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