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small-list-digest Wednesday, September 1 1999 Volume 03 : Number 224

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer, Bronco 2 and Aerostar
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Re: FTE Small - Front End Noises
FTE Small - Squeaky Clutch
FTE Small - My baby
Re: FTE Small - Squeaky Clutch
FTE Small - Re: []



Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:22:56 EDT
From: ROlson1039
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Front End Noises

LOL ive been asked MANY times about recommending shocks.. and i tell ya (
again) i swear by Gabriel Shocks.. i used to own a fleet of NYC provate cabs
and that was the sole replacement shock on any cab, and ive used them over
the years on whatever ive personally driven too.. for the money and the
service life they cant be beat.
and that noise the original guy was speaking of could be either a shock or a
control arm bushing.
99 Ranger 2WD
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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 12:44:29 -0400
From: "Don Harrison"
Subject: FTE Small - Squeaky Clutch

Hi fellow FTEs,

I posted a question a while back about a squeaky clutch on a '98 Ranger.
Well here's an update. The slave cylinder was replaced yesterday and the
sound "like your stepping on a duck's head" is gone. Thanks for your help.

Don Harrison
98 Ranger Splash
V6, 5sp.

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:13:23 -0700
From: Adam McLaughlin
Subject: FTE Small - My baby

Okay everyone, after I finished installing the MSD-6A system, I got out
the digital camera and took some pictures of what the baby bronc looks
like. Since I have asked SO many questions about stuff pertaining to
this vehicle, I thought some pictures to share with the lists would be
nice. Thanks again for so much of your advice!


Here they are. The first one is my favorite:

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:17:44 -0700
From: "Michael D. Sheridan"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Squeaky Clutch

Don Harrison wrote:
> Hi fellow FTEs,
> I posted a question a while back about a squeaky clutch on a '98 Ranger.
> Well here's an update. The slave cylinder was replaced yesterday and the
> sound "like your stepping on a duck's head" is gone. Thanks for your help.
> Cheers,
> Don Harrison
> 98 Ranger Splash
> V6, 5sp.

Hi Don:

I wonder if you might tell us if a bad slave cylinder
causes any other problems than the noise?


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Date: 31 Aug 99 19:55:13 EDT
From: Tim Turner
Subject: FTE Small - Re: []

"Brenneman, David A" wrote:

> Hi everyone, I'm new to the list. I have a 1985 Bronco II. I don't re=
have anything done to it, but I'm planning on it in the near future. =

My '85 is essentially stock also except for larger tires, but like you I =
lots of plans for him.

> I love to take it off-road, and I can't wait to get the equipment to go=

farther down the trails I take now and whole new trails.

It's already pretty capable in stock trim.. (A darn sight better than th=
Trooper II it replaced in my driveway)! Of course my off road situation =
be vastly different from yours, mostly sand or trails made by ATVs. (Isn=
't a
skinny truck great sometimes?) ;-) You might also want to subscribe to =
'offroad' list from this site; there's a lot of good people there that ar=
necessarily on the 'small' list.

> Anyone that has anypointers on how to fix it up or just wants to t=
about Broncos, I'm all ears.

First tip for an '85.. Look at your tire carrier (if equipped); if it ha=
s a
brace running from the top to the bottom you should be OK, if it doesn't =
chances are your tailgate is cracked around the latch plate. There was a=
about this from Ford, but since it involves replacing the gate and the ca=
cost would be umm... a lot! Among my plans are to make the plate inside =
gate much larger and re-glass the 16-18" crack I have. (Hanging a 31x10.=
on the carrier and then bouncing on trails/dunes certainly made the probl=

Other tips gleaned from 14 years of repair work and owning one for the la=
few years..

1) Open the doors fully and with a small light check for rust in the spac=
ahead of the door; I've got a bad case on the passenger side. :-(

2) The radiator tends to clog up around 130-150K; in my case it only ran =
during slow speed high load work. (Sand crawling) (Check the fan clutch

3) Tie rods go out around 100-120K for the long one and another 10-20K fo=
r the
short one

4) While looking at the tie rods check the front axle u-joints; at 157K m=
inner one is in VERY bad shape. (Got new ones.. just need to *do* it.)

5) The computerized carburetor system (EEC-IV) can cause untold strange
drivability problems, but with an analog and a digital voltmeter you can =
it out yourself and use the list for advice on your findings if you get

6) Protect those big side windows at all cost when off road! I've heard=
per side replacement cost.

7) The front seal is prone to leakage on the 2.8s, the easiest time to ch=
it is while the radiator's out for replacement.

8) Most people (including mechanics) don't know that the 2.8 has mechanic=
lifters that need adjustment periodically.. when I got mine the clearance=
about 3X spec. The valve train is still noisy even when in spec, but sti=
much quieter. (Plan all of a lazy afternoon to do the adj. though; as I
recall I spent a good 4-5 hours on it after hours at the shop.)

9) The factory guages and senders are crap. My gas reads F at fill up a=
nd E
60 miles later. (Trip odometer and a 5 gal. gas container help!) My oil=

pressure never reads lower than between the r & m of 'norm' even key on e=
off. Temperature guage works except when there's about 2 Gal. left in th=
tank then reads about 1 letter higher than usual. (presumably due to the=
fuel sender.) I plan on making my own panel with more guages than stock;=

still undecided whether to use wood or metal though.

10) If you have 'dealer air' instead of 'factory installed' then the
compressor is usually an HR-980 and the front seal is not compatabile wit=
R-134a so you're stuck with using R-12 in the A/C until the compressor go=
out; at that point refit with a different compressor (If you wish).

I'm sure I've left out a bunch, but I imagine others on the list will poi=
'em out ;-)

Feel free to e-mail me; might be a delay before I can answer though.

Tim Turner/Manic Mechanic
Custer Auto Repair
Wilmington NC (Hurricane central!)

PS: Just so no one thinks I'm knocking the '85 I love mine; just sharing=

common problems observed over the years!


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