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small-list-digest Tuesday, August 3 1999 Volume 03 : Number 195

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RE: FTE Small - 88 BII 4x4 auto -- Not shifting + dash noise
FTE Small - Ranger front receiver
Re: FTE Small - 5 Spd Auto Woes...
FTE Small - TRansfer Cases and ATF



Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 09:55:11 -0700
From: "Tim Wegner"
Subject: RE: FTE Small - 88 BII 4x4 auto -- Not shifting + dash noise


I've got an '87 Ranger with an auto that had a similar problem. What I
found is the 'T' handle's button has a ramp on the end inside the handle.
This ramp causes a plastic rod of sorts (that's inside of the selector
arm) to be pushed downward as the button gets pushed. As far as I can
tell the rod has thin spots in it to allow it to bend. Over time it seems
the plastic got brittle and broke making the rod a bit shorter. With the
shortened rod the button couldn't give enough stroke to allow the selector
arm to be moved. My quick fix was to take off the handle and push on the
rod itself (it sticks out a little). I don't know what is involved in
actually repairing this since I haven't yet taken the time. I'm afraid
I don't have any ideas about the dash noise. Good luck!

Tim Wegner

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> Subject: FTE Small - 88 BII 4x4 auto -- Not shifting + dash noise
> Just yesterday, ready to leave, I started up and attempted to shift in
> reverse. No go. The shifter seemed a little looser than normal,
> so did the
> button. It simply would not budge out of P, even with additional
> force. I
> continued to wiggle this thing for awhile, consulted my Chilton's manual,
> and wiggled some more while a friend was looking at it from above and
> underneath, when it simple went into gear.
> Any ideas here? Is it liable to happen again?
> Also, I've noticed that after the car has been running for about
> 10 minutes,
> whenever I come to a stop (while still in drive), a rumbling noise comes
> from the center of the dash, VERY Noticeable unless I have the music UP.
> It's simply annoying, I don't see any other effects it has on it.
> Thanks,
> Steve Bozzone
> Administrative Director -
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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 15:11:51 -0400
From: "4xFord"
Subject: FTE Small - Ranger front receiver

I'm interested in any experiance that someone has with the Draw Tite Front
Receiver Hitch #65017. I an considering this for a winch/recovery point on
my '97 Ranger SC 4x4. I did see that it has a foot note that says
"Extensive fascia cutting required on 93-97 models w/fog lamp option"...I do
have the Fog lights, and was wondering how much has to be cut (little
trimming, totally destroyed, mangled to the point where I wouldn't want to
do this, etc).

TIA, Bryce
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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 20:54:52 EDT
From: TMStephen
Subject: Re: FTE Small - 5 Spd Auto Woes...

I don't know what kind of problems you were having but I have a 98 4x2 4.0
liter with
5 speed automatic. I have 22,000 mi on it and have not had any problems.

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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 19:25:12 -0700
From: Adam McLaughlin
Subject: FTE Small - TRansfer Cases and ATF

Can Transfer cases be over filled?

The truck here is a 1988 BII, 2.9, 5 speed. 4x4.

During the last couple of months, I have been having some problems
starting out in the morning. When I let the clutch out, the rear end
jumps up as if I am popping the clutch about 8 to 10 times per second!
To remedy this, I have replaced the clutch, throwout bearing, master and
slave cylinders, flysheel, rear end and rear driveshaft. I have drained
the transmission and put in fully synthetic fluid, and I have put
synthetic in the new positraction rear end.

The last thing that I haven't tried until now was the Transfer case. I
recently opened the fill plug and found that it was overfilled by a good
two cups of fluid! I let the excess drain out and then I put some more
in until it started to pour out, then I put the fill plug back in. Could
this be causing my rear end hopping?

Any ideas welcome...


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