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FTE Small - Exaust back pressure
Re: FTE Small - TSBs
Re: FTE Small - Exaust back pressure



Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 07:48:19 PST
From: "Bryan Snyder"
Subject: FTE Small - Exaust back pressure

I just redid my exaust on my 90 2.9L Supercab 4x4. I have JBA headers
and Y pipe, and VERY high flow converters, topped off with a gibson
stainless steel exaust. Sounds great and has noticably more power. I had
bought a Random Technologies high flow cat to replace my factory dual
setup (they have 164,000 Miles on them.) But the one I ordered was a
universal cat, when I got ready to put it in with the cat back system I
noticed Fords wacky Y pipe outlet that wouldn't let me use regular
header couplers!! UUHHHGG! I was ticked I should have noticed it before!
So meanwhile, until I decide if I'm going to keep it and add it in later
I took the factory cats and a heavy long steel spike and "gutted" them
completely! It was a wonder my truck could breath! It was a mess in
there! I popped them back in, hooked everything back up and it runs
great! Still looks stock to! My new converter looks nice and is well
made but I just may send it back!

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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 13:42:18 -0500
From: "Stephen Bozzone"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - TSBs

excuse my ignorance.. but what is a TSB?



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Sent: 13/3/99 2:54 PM
Subject: FTE Small - TSBs

>1. I can recommend purchasing the Alldata disk just for the TSBs. In
>the case of my '92 Aerostar, I feel that the TSB collection on the
>Alldata disk is complete and well-reproduced. This is in sharp contrast
>to the main part of the disk, in which I am lucky to find any
>illustration at all for what I need, and when I can, the picture is so
>blurry as to be almost useless. Same for charts. I think that the
>Alldata disks are worth the money just for the TSBs. In my case, they
>"threw in" the TSBs. Their service is pretty good, too.
>They replaced my original disks with a "Popular Mechanics" set,
>miserably cheap-packaged in shredding cardboard (if you value your CD
>drive, invest in a couple of plastic disk boxes).
>2. Thanks somebody for spelling "TSBs" correctly, without that blasted
>apostrophe that has become almost fasionable (and confusing).
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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:23:42 EST
From: Rngr86STX
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Exaust back pressure

I did the same to my 86 STX 4x4 (2.9L) but now Im getting really bad gas
mileage. I replaced the o2 sensor but that didnt help. I talked to some
people about it and said it could be that the o2 sensor is geiitng a false
reading because of the increased airflow and sending more fuel to the engine.
Hope yours doesnt do the same. And anyone with any more info please respond.
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