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FTE Small - Broken Exhaust Bolts
FTE Small - trans issues resolved
FTE Small - ignition
FTE Small - Need help with front springs
FTE Small - BII rear door rattle, some performance upgrade questions



Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 05:32:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bill Ciocco
Subject: FTE Small - Broken Exhaust Bolts

With four broken bolts, you will probably need to get at least one of them drilled out at a
machine shop. You can try spraying them down with penetratig oil and letting them sit and fighting
with them with vise grips and stud pullers.

Or, you can bite the bullet and pull the head and take it in and have the broken bolts drilled
out. While the head is off, you might check into a price on a valve job and having the seals
replaced. Definately have it checked for cracks and trueness.

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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 22:25:06 -0500
From: Mike Peacock
Subject: FTE Small - trans issues resolved

Hi all, thanks to you who responded to my post about trans. problems.
Here's how it went.=20

The worst part of the job is removing and install the transmission. =
That's probably where you spend most of your money. But with time and =
patience, it can be done by one person. The trans did need new bearings. =
I was able to find a kit for 161.00. This was a complete kit, all =
bearings and available gaskets and seals. You have to have a press for =
removal and installation of the bearings. Also, be carefull with the =
aluminum housing. Go slow, label the parts as you disassemble the trans. =
A chiltons manual is a must for peace of mind. use locktite on all bolts =
and follow torque specs.
You can do it.

While the trans is out, replace the pilot bearing, resurface the =
flywheel, and I would suggest putting a new clutch plate and presure =
plate in at this time.

Make sure the drive shafts are in good shape and reinstall according to =
marks made before you removed them to keep balance. I ended up getting a =
new rear shaft due to clicking and clunking. I did not want driveline =
vibration to undo what I had spent so much time fixing.(Probable cause =
of my trans bearings going south). Also, do not get the oem =
shaft($500.00), they're weak and expensive. Get a shaft made with =
u-joints and a slip yoke($250.00), they're much stronger and cheaper to =
work on later.

My broncoII now drives as smooth as silk. Thanks again for the input.
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Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 18:47:30 CDT
From: "travis swinny"
Subject: FTE Small - ignition

I'm wanting to do something to my ranger to make it preform better. And I'm
thinking about putting a msd ignition in it, and I was wondering if anyone
has put one in there truck, and if it helped the preformance of the truck.

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Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 20:01:34 -0400
From: Daner
Subject: FTE Small - Need help with front springs

I drag race my '89 Ranger Ext-a-cab, I have a 5.0L EFI motor with t-5 and
8.8" with 4.10's.

I need to transfer weight, and am going for a heavier front spring.

Any suggestions?

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Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 23:57:24 -0700
From: "Robb"
Subject: FTE Small - BII rear door rattle, some performance upgrade questions

okay, important things first, the rear door rattle/squeaks when i go over
bumps, and i have at least traced the problem to a loose/squeaky door
fitting, but not sure what it could be as it only makes the noise when the
door is fully closed which makes tracing the problem a little more difficult
*grin* if anyone else has had experienced anything like this, please let me
know what you did to fix it etc.

next: anyone had a custom roofrack made for their BII? if so, how was it
attached? where? what shape did it take? i am planning so far, not knowing
any better, on having a custom rack made up that will come down over the
sides behind the front doors and just in front of the rear door (allowing
the door angle to come up fully so the back is still accessible) the bars
are planned to come over the bottom edge of the body and go directly onto
the frame. cost isn't really a problem for me, so if anyone has any ideas,
but think it might be too expensive or something, just say it, i'll
appreciate the input.

when i *finally* get this truck done, i'll post some pics at the site. hehe

thanks in advance,
robb '86 BII 258000kms, but its doing fine, TLC'd

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