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FTE Small - Re: Tranny on Winstar
FTE Small - Hubs
FTE Small - Re: Rangers for year 2000
FTE Small - Anyone else running v8's in their Rangers?
Re: FTE Small - Auto Manual War! err... Good discussion



Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 16:12:16 PDT
From: "Joe Mitchell"
Subject: FTE Small - Re: Tranny on Winstar

>Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 17:50:33 -0400
>From: Tom Kirkbride
>Subject: Re: FTE Small - tranny going on my windstar?
>How the hell do you have almost 100,000 miles on your 98 windstar? > I
>have just over 100,000 miles on my 89 aerostar.

Goes to show you how somepeople can literally drive all year :) My dad has
almost 65K on his 98 Dodge Ram and mom has almost 50K on her 98 Toyota
Corolla. Sometimes vehicles get used a lot more than others...and sometimes
a heck of a lot more! :)
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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 20:22:02 EDT
From: Blest25913
Subject: FTE Small - Hubs

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From: "Riley, Bill"
Subject: FTE Small - Bronco-II Auto locking Hubs

I have a 1989 Bronco-II with auto locking hubs. I believe the auto hubs are
toast. How can I check them to be sure? New auto hubs cost around $320
each. Does anyone know of a rebuild kit? Are there any problems with
converting to manual hubs? Would I order the manual hubs from Ford, or is
there an aftermarket provider? I would appreciate any info on this subject.

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You are right about the cost of the auto hubs. I replaced mine at 40K, and
they went out again at 80K. I had manual hubs put on. Anyone who can change a
tire can change a hub, manual or automatic; but to go to manuals on a truck
that has autos requires a conversion kit. I didn't feel comfortable doing
this so I had it done. The manual hubs will cost about $90 if I ever have to
replace them. But maybe I won't have to. Warn warrants the hubs for as long
as I own the vehicle.

The part numbers (for a '96 Ranger, anyway) are:

29071 M250D Manual Hub
27997 Conversion Kit

I got these numbers from a list member, Jimmy Russ. I don't know if he is
still around or not.

There is what sounds like a good deal on a pair of slightly used auto hubs
for sale on digest V#3 #118, that I received today. If they're only slightly
used, you could get many miles out of them before you have to go to manuals.
I think he is asking about $80 for them. All you do is take the lug nuts off,
remove the wheel, and then pull the hub off to change them. The hubs are held
on by the same lugs and nuts that hold the wheel on.

Ron Trampe
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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 20:23:35 -0400
From: "Jim Bielecki"
Subject: FTE Small - Re: Rangers for year 2000

>Anybody have any info. on new Rangers for 2000? A friend told me the
>Super Cab would be even bigger, that he heard about it at a car show. We
>want to be able to seat 3 people COMFORTABLY. Any magazine reviews or
>anything at all on upcoming Ranger, especially XLT Supercab?

While a four door crew-cab version version of the Ranger has been
photographed running around Dearborn more than once, I don't think it's
scheduled for production in 2000. I believe the new Explorer Sport Trak,
which features a shortened box tacked onto the cab of an Explorer, will be
the four door model that they'll market first.

Jim Bielecki

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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 23:02:58 -0400
From: Daner
Subject: FTE Small - Anyone else running v8's in their Rangers?

I'm running a 5.0L EFI currently. 1/4 mile times are at 13.712 97.79 mph
with 1.83 60 foot times.

I'm in need of any information on ladder bars and fuel cells for Rangers.

Thanks in advance,

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Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 22:43:41 -0500
From: Matthew Banevich
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Auto Manual War! err... Good discussion

b.mccoy wrote:
> Keith Wrote,
> >>Or on to the auto/manual war..
> >No war, but hope to get some good discussions and philosophy
> >going..
> Well, being new to the list and the proud new owner of a clean '93
> Ranger 4X4 with an Auto and the 4.0 six I will chime in my $.02
> worth.
> Over the years I have mostly alternated back and forth from Auto to
> Manual, every other truck. Now I think I am on the Auto side to
> stay. There was a time I would have argued to the bitter end that
> the manual gives you MUCH more control over any auto. But, just
> today I took a drive over to a buddy's house and did some easy hill
> climbs in his back yard. One thing I notice is that with open diffs (
> I have them on both ends, bummer) I was able to keep pretty good
> traction going with a little brake pressure. Doing that on an uphill,
> soft clay, climb would be pretty hard with a stick. I don't know
> about you, but three legs I do not have. Just my recent observation
> from a novice 4-wheeler.
You don't have three legs, are you a female then???? LOL

Sorry, I couldn't help it!
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