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FTE Small - Re: winshield leaks
Re: FTE Small - A4LD trans problem on a B2
Re: FTE Small - Question for Tim Turner



Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 12:17:10 -0500
From: "Lou Guerriero"
Subject: FTE Small - Re: winshield leaks

I don't think it's your winshield.. its your body leaking.. under the trim.

I fixed mind by getting some winshield silicone and squeezing it in there..
it runs down into the cracks.. and covers whatever holes I can't find... I
know it's not the winshield, cuz I had it replaced 3 times trying to stop
the leaks....

It will hold till I get the truck painted........... and the body work


Lemme know what you find out..


My newly purchased 1990 B2 has a leaking windshield, making
the interior wetter than a humidity chamber. I see that the
metal trim is rather flat, but I don't know how to get it off
without ruining it. Before I go hacking at it, maybe someone
could tell me the proper procedure and tool, if any, to
remove and replace this trim.
Additionally, I may also need to replace the rear side window
and tailgate window rubber gaskets. Am I at the mercy of the
Ford dealer to get this new rubber, or is there a supplier
out there with honest pricing?

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Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 20:22:06 EST
From: BiggRanger AOL.COM
Subject: Re: FTE Small - A4LD trans problem on a B2

It's possable that ozidation built up on the driveshaft yoke just after the
seal. And he may have been hauling some extra weight in the back which loaded
down the rear suspension causing that part of the yoke to pe pushed into the
seal and bushing and tear them up.

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Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 21:48:55 EST
From: Ding060297 AOL.COM
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Question for Tim Turner

To anthony rifici.....regards to : 94 ford ranger 5 speed w/ 51,000miles
It seems like you have a problem with when you start it after it cools and
the computer thinks its still cold and turns up the richeness a bit to get her
up to temp quicker..I'd say you have a bad sensor but since the engine lights
not coming on it just might be a lot of carbon build up...Have you ever
cleaned out your throttle body and maybe change your plugs.....Stuff like that
does weird things on a cold engine...I can't say i could put my finger on it
but theres a few things you could try first clean out that throttle body with
a good cleaner gumout or something ....You might even want to replace your
oxygen sensor they recommend you change em around 40,000 miles or
so......Other than that you might want to check out the dealer and see what he
can find.......sorry for no definite answer...........ding
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