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FTE Small - CHECK ENGINE light
FTE Small - 98 Ranger Wind Noise, Etc.
FTE Small - Exhaust and other questions
FTE Small - Aerostar Defroster (& I stand corrected)
Re: FTE Small - Motor conversion
Re: FTE Small - Bronco II V8 engine swap



Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 13:42:59 EDT
From: Blest25913
Subject: FTE Small - CHECK ENGINE light

My CHECK ENGINE light has been on for most of the last 5K miles. I have 75K
miles on my '96 3.0L Ranger engine with automatic transmission. I've changed
the fuel filter and O2 sensor. What next?
I've reset the computer twice, but the light comes back on as soon as the
engine reaches normal operating temperature.
Ron "Grampy" Trampe
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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 17:58:24 -0500
From: "Randy Collins"
Subject: FTE Small - 98 Ranger Wind Noise, Etc.

I don't recall who asked about wind noise on their 98 ranger ( I lost the
post due to crash) , but I had pretty bad noise too. Come to find out the
driver side door was not aligned correctly. Still some noise now, but not
too bad. This person also asked about squeaky breaks. I had that problem
for the first 2000 miles or so. It just kinda quit on its own.

My 98 4x4 has extremely bad spring wrap. Does anyone else's? I've been
having a hard time getting traction bars. Nobody seems to stock them for
some reason.

I also have a vibration between about 82 mph and 87 mph. I normally don't
drive that fast, but got carried away on a long trip a few weeks ago.
Anybody else experience this?

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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 19:43:29 -0400
From: "Brad Harris"
Subject: FTE Small - Exhaust and other questions

What manufacturers are out there that make exhaust for the Explorer, I know
that Borla does, is there anyone else?

Another thing I was wondering is what year explorer's are the same? For
example: In the Mustang's the 94-95's are usually grouped together and the
96-98's are grouped together and pretty soon the 99's will be different
again. Are the 99's the same as the 98's with the exception of the
interior/exterior differences and a few other options? I mean will an
exhaust made for a 98 fit on a 99, what about the 97's are they the same

- -Brad

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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 09:56:10 -0700
From: Richard
Subject: FTE Small - Aerostar Defroster (& I stand corrected)

Michael Ioco wrote------------------------------------

Pretty interesting. Who makes cars that let cool air out of the vents
heat comes through the defrost? Sounds complicated...

Richard's reply---------------------------------------

It is a little more complex; there is at least one more door and maybe
an additional duct.

The cars I've owned that allow fresh air to come from the vents while
either the defroster or heater are engaged are:
'62 Saab
'66 Citroen SM
'79 Toyota Corona (the toughest vehicle I've ever owned)
'79 Toyota Corolla
Some used the same heat blower (ahead of the heater core) the others
just worked off ram air (I've forgotten which).

This is not only comfortable and sensible, it is also a safety issue:
cool air from the vents keeps you awake during winter driving. Hot air
puts you to sleep and you wrap your truck around a telephone pole.

Do you remember when American vehicles had air doors to let large gusts
to cool your legs in the Midwestern summer? That's when US carmakers
engaged their brains and thought more like their customers. Now they're
just cheap.

An easy fix for heat blowing at your head would be to close the vents or
them elsewhere. Or is that too easy?

It would be fine if I still lived in Connecticut. But here in the Bay
Area, the weather changes constantly. Thus it is normal to run the
heat, and later the air conditioner on the same day. As you know,
aiming those face vents where you need them can be a fine art. That's
why I don't like to change their positions much. I may just have to
resign myself to constant fiddling with them.

- --I Stand Corrected dep't--

I've complained here about the Aerostar's puny heat output. I apologize
for this. After a new heater core and a warmer (OEM-intended)
thermostat, there's plenty of heat in the front. However, when I put
the control to "heat" small amounts of hot air leak around the air doors
and emerge from the face and defroster vents. It's amazing how little
hot air needs to come out of those unwanted vents to give the feeling of
discomfort: my head's too hot and my feet are relatively too cool.

Let's hear some suggestions for how to "massage" this problem to make
the thing more comfortable and proper.

BTW: I want to share this: In my Toyota, I was able to get much more
warm air where it was wanted -- on my feet -- by simply covering over an
unwanted vent hole with a little piece of cardboard and by drilling a
number of small holes in the duct in exactly the right places. There's
no law against gluing small plastic deflectors or doing other mini-mods
to your heat ducts. It's amazing how much more comfortable a couple of
tiny tweaks can make to how you feel in your vehicle. I'm intending to
do the same thing to this Ford. Will report the results here.
- --

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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 21:17:51 EDT
From: Dudley151
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Motor conversion

go to
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Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 00:57:58 -0400
From: "AutoTech"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Bronco II V8 engine swap

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From: John Adkins
To: small Ford Truck List
Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 12:45 PM
Subject: FTE Small - Bronco II V8 engine swap

>Hi all,
>Has anyone on this list done a V8 engine swap on a Bronco II?
>My '84 Bronco II is a nice truck but really lacks torque with the 2.8L
>V6. I was wondering if anyone had any exeperiences with this swap they
>could share.
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