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RE: FTE Small - 4 Door Ranger
FTE Small - Help! Driver Power Window Problem
FTE Small - Tailgate Adjustment
FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?
Re: FTE Small - Help! Driver Power Window Problem
Re: FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?
FTE Small - ADMIN: New advertiser on web site
Re: FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?
FTE Small - Re:



Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 08:31:59 -0500 (CDT)
From: Robert Fox
Subject: RE: FTE Small - 4 Door Ranger

(sorry if message is late)

Maybe I need to clarify myself. Ford sells the 4 Door Ranger with suicide
doors on the Super Cab here in the USA, but in South America Ford sells a
4 Door Ranger that happens to be a Crew Cab (4 full size doors that all
open the same way) with shorter bed to make up for the extra cab space.
From what I could tell, it looks like it has bucket seats in the back.
The suicide door Ranger (USA model) has fold up jump seats that fold
against the back of the cab. I have been told that the 1999 models will
have the same seats that you can remove to make more cab space. I have a
pictures of a Mazda B4000 (Ranger 4.0L) that I took when I went to the
Houston Auto Show back in 1997. I also have a picture of the Crew Cab
Ranger. Sorry if I confused anyone. ranger. com/4door.html ranger. com/crewcab.jpg

Robert Fox
95 Supercab Ranger
93 Supercab F-150 ranger. com

On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, cassis wrote:

> Everyone else said it was just a extra-cab with suicide doors. Now I am
> confused. Anyone out there here of a crew-cab ranger or any plans for one?
> I shure would love to see on with a V8. Now that would be an awesome truck.
> John Cassis

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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:08:23 -0400
From: "Thomas Moore"
Subject: FTE Small - Help! Driver Power Window Problem

I have a 87 Bronco II that has power windows and recently the drivers window
is "slipping" when raising it. I took the panel off to inspect, and from
what I can tell the power window motor's gear is stripped (since the large
window gear looks fine, but has metal shavings on it).

I went to the Ford Dealer today and they told me they have no parts at all
for it. It looks like I'm going to have a hard time with this repair. I
wonder if I could replace just the gear or whether I need to replace the
entire motor. I wonder if the motor is the same as those used on other Ford
cars/trucks, maybe I could use one from an Explorer? Could the gear in the
motor be the same one used on the crank of the manual windowed BII's? The
other problem is that the motor is a %# & to get out!

I need to do something quick, I can't live without raising the window for
long. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:41:57 -0500
From: Mike Harms
Subject: FTE Small - Tailgate Adjustment

I've got a 1989 Ford Ranger with 114,000 miles on it and the tailgate is
getting pretty hard to open some days. It looks like the cable has
stretched over time and the latches are not pulling back all of the way.
How do you go about adjusting these? I can't see an easy way to get at
the mechanicals in there without cutting a hole in the tailgate. There
has got to be an easier way, isn't there?

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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:56:50 -0500
From: Mike Harms
Subject: FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?

Here's another question. My poor old 1989 Ranger with the 2.9 V6 and
5speed is showing it's 114,000 miles. It's about due for a clutch
replacement and the engine just started to use some anti-freeze. I'm
thinking of rebuilding the engine but most of what I read about here is
people putting small v8's in their trucks.

I tried looking on the internet for rebuild kits for the 2.9 but it
doesn't seem all that popular. What's the general consensus on this
engine? I've been toying with the idea of rebuilding it with some
strong components and then adding a centrifugal supercharger to give it
some extra punch, and make it a little unique. But with the lack of
discussion of the good ole 2.9 I'm wondering if it's a waste of my time
and money to mess with it. Would I be better off with a bigger V6? I'd
really like to be able to keep it as stock as possible (avoid the wiring
harness issues, computer issues, extra weight issues).
Any thoughts?

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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:13:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: DUBCO (douglas elliott)
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Help! Driver Power Window Problem

tom , the window motor is alot easier to remove than the window
regulator . first look at the inner door panel (metal one not trim
panel) directly in line with the motor . you will see three dimples
stamped in the panel at the factory . when you locate these drill them
out with a half inch bit . now prop the window up with a piece of wood
. insert a socket in the holes and remove the bolts holding the motor in
place . unplug it and take it to the bench . its rare to find the metal
gear torn up because it is driven by a plastic gear that usually gives
up first . and yes most ford power window motors interchange in simular
years .ford does still sell the plastic gear repair kit ,their just
proud of them . if you go the salvage yard route try to find a motor out
of a lincoln rear door . usually right rear interchanges with left
front and vice a versa . hope this helps .


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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:41:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: DUBCO (douglas elliott)
Subject: Re: FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?

mike , dont give up on your 2.9 ! there tough and well worth the cost
to rebuild them . ihave a 87 2.9 with 111,000 hard (and i do mean haaard
) miles . i always drove it with a go or blow attitude . it never missed
a beat until i had radiator problems and cracked a head . my own fault
for letting it go . its on the stand right now ready to drop in ,
hopefully wednesday . i have pulled 4500 pounds trailer included ,many
many times . it cost me 1000 dollars in parts and machine work . i am
doing all the R and R myself . i also have another 87 that i'm pulling
the 2.9 and drping in a feul injected 302 and AOD . my third one but
this ones a keeper would not part with my 2.9 its a great truck . but
the5.0 trucks are a blast ! if you have questions let me know. you are
correct there are no engine kits available . had to buy all except cam
and valve cover gaskets at big A . get your cam and valve cover gaskets
from your ford dealer , if you go aftermarket youll be sorry . if you
dont have a factory shop manual get one from helms . there a lot of help
. hope this helps . doug


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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 22:10:36 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Small - ADMIN: New advertiser on web site

We have a new advertiser on our web site. Since the beginning,
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We would like to you to let them know you heard about them via
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Now returning you to our regularly scheduled program...

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 22:40:33 EDT
From: Ding060297
Subject: Re: FTE Small - 2.9 V6 - Any Good?

I have a thought how about swapping in the new 4.0 v6 with the 205 hp its a
good ol reliable engine with a good amount of punch and gets good gas
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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:35:29 -0700
From: "Kenneth C. St.John"
Subject: FTE Small - Re:

I finally had a chance to test your were right! I've been
trying to get my engine to ping since the reset and it just won't! I wonder
what would've caused this to need to be reset??? Well, I'm not going to
dwell but rather leave well enough alone.
Thank you very much for your advice, you've made a believer out of me!
- ----------
> From: "Wag"
> To:
> Subject:
> Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 22:33:41 -0400
>I saw your post on engine pinging. I have a 91 Exp. with 187,000 and
>developed this problem last year. Only under load, mostly on the hwy, the
>engine would ping or spark knock real bad. I read a post about this from
> web page which said to disconnect the battery to reset the
>computer. Then reconnect the battery, restart, then let idle for 5 minutes.
>After the idle, drive at your regular pace for 15-30 minutes and let the
>computer relearn the engine characteristics.
>I also received an e-mail from a fellow lister that recommended putting in
>two bottles of Chevron Techroline at my next fill-up and one bottle into
>tank at each fill-up for the next two tanks.
>I heeded all the requests and the pinging has stopped. We just visited the
>smokies and only on the steepest grades when the transmission needed to
>shift did I notice any knock. I did both of the above fixes at the same
>so I do not know which one corrected the problem:( But it was the cheapest
>fix I have ever performed!! Hope this helps.
>Gregg Wagner " WAG "
>Statesboro, GA
>80 FJ-40, Building Memories

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