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FTE Small - Pair of Rangers: $800 obo
FTE Small - May be selling 91 Ranger XLT
Re: FTE Small - FYI: K&N FIPK / Ranger
FTE Small - Re: Good news :-)For ya Bronco II folks, anyways.
FTE Small - 98 Ranger aftermarket/stock upgrades... Is it too late??



Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 08:39:17 -0700
From: "Tim J. Clevenger"
Subject: FTE Small - Pair of Rangers: $800 obo

I have a pair of Rangers for sale:

Ranger number one:

'86 Ford Ranger. 2.3L FI 4-cyl. engine, 5 speed manual trans. 177k =
miles. 6 foot bed, step bumper with 2" tow ball. New brakes (and =
rotors on the front), tires and mirrors. Runs (my current daily driver, =
20-23 mpg). Needs paint and some body work. For the right price I'll =
throw in the detach face CD player and 4 speakers.

Ranger number two:

'83 Ford Ranger. 2.3L 4-cyl. engine, 4 speed manual trans. 166k miles. =
6 foot bed (no tailgate.) Has power brakes, power steering, air =
conditioning. Engine was running before the previous owner removed the =
belt-driven accessories and put them in the cab. Needs a little work =
inside and out--good parts truck. Comes with a Gem-Top contractor's =

Selling this pair of gems for $800 obo. For the first $800 I get, I'll =
throw in the detach face CD player and 4 speakers in the '86. Both =
Rangers are located just outside the SF Bay Area. Ranger #2 is a =
U-pick-up. Please e-mail me at TClevenger if you're interested.


Tim Clevenger

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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 12:01:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dan Simoes
Subject: FTE Small - May be selling 91 Ranger XLT

I'm thinking about selling my Ranger. It's in very good
shape and runs fine, but I don't use it other than trips
to Home Depot, and as such the truck just sits around.
My father in law has a F150 and my brother in law has a F350,
both live only 5 miles away, so there's no real need for my

I leave for vacation next Tues, so if this is something you're
interested in right now, let me know asap. I'm located just
outside of NYC.


- - 91 Ranger XLT, white
- - 2 wheel drive
- - 97k or so (true miles)
- - automatic (4speed I think)
- - rear ABS brakes
- - Ford am/fm/cassette (sounds amazingly good)
- - Front bench seat
- - Very nice interior, some wear on drivers seat left bolster
- - minimal rust (no rot, just a bit of surface rust here and there)
- - Lots of recent work - timing belt/wp/hoses, a/c, new shocks f/r
- - Excellent Pirelli P300 tires on 14" American Racing rims
- - My father in law is service manager at a Ford dealer so it
always got excellent care (since I bought it anyway).

What's not to like?

- - some existing body damage - this was a fleet truck before I bought
it so it has lots of dings, and a few small dents here and there.
I also got rear ended in the truck about 2 months ago, so there
is some damage to the bed. But it doesn't impact the ability to
hold cargo, and the tailgate still opens and closes, though with a
bit of difficulty (needs to be aligned right)
- - a/c was repaired but still is not cold enough. It may need a
- - whine from the rear - this might be the exhaust rubbing on the
driveshaft, or it may be the rear end - it's been the same way
for over a year, though I had the rear end serviced. One day
it may need repair/replacing, but for now it's no big deal

Other than the recent damage to the bed, it really is a terrific
truck, and has been very low maintenance. I'll consider selling
for best offer above $2000. I see Rangers go for $3000-4000 around
here with a lot more miles and in need of work. I looked at quite
a few before buying this one.

| Dan |
- --
Dan Simoes dans
ANS Communications
100 Manhattanville Road (914) 701-5378 (voice)
Purchase, NY 10577 (914) 701-5310 (fax)
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Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 09:09:22 -0700
From: "Alan Wilson"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - FYI: K&N FIPK / Ranger

At 01:00 PM 8/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I've seen requests several times concerning the K&N FIPK on a Ranger.
>(The Filtercharger Injection Performance Kit, FIPK, replaces the
>stock air box with an open, conical filter.)
>By personal experience I know that K&N 57-2513 (1995 Explorer, 4.0L)
>fits perfectly on a 1996 Ranger 4.0L. Expect to pay at least $148 for
>maybe $75 worth of misc metal and rubber parts and a big K&N cone.
>Of course, I recommend you not do this if it would be illegal in
>your area.

What's the purpose of this gadget???
Alan Wilson

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Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 20:07:29 PDT
From: "Alan Gustafson"
Subject: FTE Small - Re: Good news :-)For ya Bronco II folks, anyways.

I'm a sucker for a basket case myself. Just bought an 85 Ranger that I
had to limp home by locking the front hubs in and driving about 30 miles
in front wheel drive because the rear driveshaft was missing. About the
only thing that works right on this truck is the A/C. (now THAT'S a

- -------Original Message------
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998 14:39:26 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ"
Subject: FTE Small - Good news :-)For ya Bronco II folks, anyways.

so much work? Because I wanted to learn how to weld. And I
_do_ know now how to weld. Hehehehe :-]>

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Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 21:40:48 -0700
From: "Travis W. Marshall"
Subject: FTE Small - 98 Ranger aftermarket/stock upgrades... Is it too late??

Hello group, a question about the seemingly basic stuff on my 98

First of all; when I got the pickup I went with what I thought I
needed most, XLT trim, Ext cab, 4x4, and misc. others. I however
did not go with the power options package, which I thought twice

What I would like to do, is locate a way to add the power door
locks, but not necessarily the power windows, depending on
cosmetics/cost for the truck. Does anyone know how I could go
about getting either a stock (is it too late?) or after market
kit to add the remote locks? Also, if there is an alarm system
out there that might have it all inclusive? That is my ultimate
goal here... I want a strong alarm, with power locks, and keep
the cosmetic destruction on the low end.

And of course, to throw in my 2 worth of knowledge on the "rear
end noise" from the new Rangers; I was told "it happens" and that
"anything gone wrong is my fault." So, the dealers basically say
they aren't concerned.

Of course, any help would be great, and I do enjoy reading
posts! Keep them coming my way!!!

Thank you in advance,
Travis W. Marshall
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