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fordtrucks-small-digest Monday, March 30 1998 Volume 02 : Number 094

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer & Bronco 2
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In this issue:

Under Hood Light [Blest25913 ]
Lifters [Blest25913 ]
Odds and ends... [Mike Krause ]
re: Under hood lamp gone on 97 Aerostar ["Scola" ]
lift for BroncoII ["T.J. Spampinato" ]



Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 16:08:25 EST
From: Blest25913
Subject: Under Hood Light

In a message dated 3/29/98 6:50:50 AM, you wrote:

Ranger light also went. My 94 Ranger still has the light.


My '93 Ranger didn't have an under hood light, nor does my '96 Ranger.



Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 16:11:59 EST
From: Blest25913
Subject: Lifters

In a message dated 3/29/98 6:50:50 AM, you wrote:

lifters and how the above mentioned tests, diagnose a cracked lifter.
Any help would be appreciated!



The May issue of 4X4 Power has an excellent article on lifters, hydraulic and



Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:24:42 -0600
From: Mike Krause
Subject: Odds and ends...

Hey all...just wanted to ask a few questions. 1) On my rear overleaf
springs for a '91 Explorer, there are some spacers coming out in between
the springs. I was just wondering if I could just take the springs off
and restack them or do I need new overleaf springs. 2) Does anyone
know of a good way to clean the undercarriage of a car. I want to get
rid of all the gunk that's building up under there. And 3) Concerning
the Cobra R rims, what is the best way that I can put them on my '91
Explorer. I really don't want to drill out the center hole on the rims,
can I possibly go with new brakes or something newer like on the newer
Explorer's so that the rims can fit with no drilling. Thanks for all
the input. Keep on going Ford Tough!!!!!!
Mike Krause


Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 21:21:17 -0800
From: "Scola"
Subject: re: Under hood lamp gone on 97 Aerostar

The hood lamp has also disappeared from Explorer's. ' 97 was the last year
to have 'em standard on XLT's.

The hood lamp must be listed on a Ford bean counters list as a way to save
.50 a vechicle.

'97 Explorer XLT SOHC

>Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 19:21:50 -0600
>From: "Gary Snook"
>Subject: Under hood lamp gone on 97 Aerostar
>The underhood light is gone on my 97 Aerostar. It was on the 92 I used to
>have. Anyone know what year it went bye-bye? I have read in this list the
>Ranger light also went. My 94 Ranger still has the light.


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 03:04:44 +0000
From: "T.J. Spampinato"
Subject: lift for BroncoII

Hey can any one recomend to me a good lift for a stock 87 bronco II? I
want to run 31's or 33's if possible. This is my daily driver so I
don't want to be eating tires w/ front end problems. Also will I have to
mess w/ gearing to handle these larger tires, my stock 2.9 and 5 speed
give good power still? Thanks, any responses can be sent to the server
or to me at tjspamp


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