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fordtrucks-small-digest Thursday, February 19 1998 Volume 02 : Number 051

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer & Bronco 2
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In this issue:

Dallas/Ft. Worth Junkyards [Jeff Baker ]
RE: Explorer chair beats gloves ["Roberson, John" ]
re: Explorer Owners??? & '98 rear wiper [Bob Scola
Our Ranger's finally in :-) [EdDSP]



Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 07:02:50 -0500
From: Jeff Baker
Subject: Dallas/Ft. Worth Junkyards

I used to live in Ft. Worth and there is a string if junkyards south of
Ft. Worth. The guy that owns them has one for Ford products only (as well as
Chevy, Dodge, etc...). I don't remember the name of the road to take out of
town, hoever, they arein the phone book. Last time I went, I was looking for
a few parts for my 86 Ranger. The guys has a good selection of parts. The
major pieces are already off the vehicles. Give him a try.

Jeff Baker
jeffbaker (Home)
'92 Ranger XLT Long bed, 2.3L

You wrote......

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 17:14:19 EST
Subject: Hey Texans!

Hello Anyone on the List from Dallas/Ft. Worth area,

I'm looking for a recommendation on any good JUNKYARDS in the D/FW area that
would have Bronco particular, 78-79 years....I'm heading to
for a project this week, and I might have some time off....


Colorado Jeff


Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 08:48:32 -0500
From: "Roberson, John"
Subject: RE: Explorer chair beats gloves

There are no gloves, no under hood or glove lights with the '98 Explorer
Limited. Some other good things like "Puddle" lights, etc. Did get a
shart looking travel bag.
so far much better than the '94 Limited.

John Roberson
Channel Marketing Manager
978-952-5824 Fax
978-952-5028 Private Fax

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> To: fordtrucks-small
> Subject: Explorer chair beats gloves
> Hey all...
> Brand new Explorer owner here, 98 AWD V8, and so far very happy. I
> didn't see
> any gloves with my jack, but I did get a gift around Xmas time.... 2
> folding
> chairs, monogrammed with Ford's logo (of course)..still they're
> pretty nice,
> fold easily, and come with a travel bag. Anyone else getting this
> treatment,
> or is Ford making up for my 68 Galaxy that fell apart one month after
> I bought
> it at 17.
> Take it easy...
> Dave Allman - Oak Park
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 09:40:02 -0800
From: Bob Scola
Subject: re: Explorer Owners??? & '98 rear wiper

I do. '97 XLT.. (Currently a White "Ice Cream" truck, but cool side
graphics have just arrived...)

For your rear wiper problem on the '98, there was a discussion & some
solutions back on the usenet newgroup a month or 2 ago-

Go to & type in: rear wiper 98 & click Find.

That should bring up the related posts for you.

- -------------------------------
Not that I don't love hearing about Ford Rangers, but i was just wondering
anyone out there had an Explorer??
I also have a question, I have a '98 Sport, and the rear wiper constently
misses a large patch at the top of the windshield. Does anyone else have
problem? I would suspect it would only apply to the 1998's since they
redesigned the rear hatch and glass. I never had such a problem on my old
BroncoII, but it's rear window was flat, and this is curved.
1998 Black Explorer Sport


Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 17:55:01 EST
From: EdDSP
Subject: Our Ranger's finally in :-)

Left the dealer at noon time today to start breaking it in. I forget who
emailed me about the tires, but you were right...the truck does need the 265s,
those 235s look kinda small. I thought it was supposed to have polished
5-spoke aluminum wheels, instead it came with chrome tri-spoke (Explorer-
style) ones. The salesperson says the 5-spokes aren't available yet...anyone
know if that's true?

Here's a free cosmetic mod for you fellow '98 owners: take some fine-grit
sandpaper and buff the tailpipe "tip" like you'd buff a shoe, since the
factory system is stainless it'll polish up nicely.

- -Ed
98 XLT Supercab, torreador red.


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