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fordtrucks-small-digest Tuesday, February 17 1998 Volume 02 : Number 049

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer & Bronco 2
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advertising [qzl0st (EI - Michael Ioco)]
Re: Explorer Gloves [qzl0st (EI - Michael Ioco)]
Re: advertising ["Dave Goldstein" ]
Re: 78-79 Bronco Parts [BDIJXS]
Tires Ranger/Explorer ["Alan Heaberlin" ]
Re: 78-79 Bronco Parts ["J. Oxley" ]
RE: Cold weather engine turnover time./delayed ignition ["Keith Christens]
Ignition Timing [mgpkep (Michael G. Peacock)]



Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:46:10 -0500
From: qzl0st (EI - Michael Ioco)
Subject: advertising

> From owner-fordtrucks-small Sat Feb 14 15:29 EST 1998
> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 13:27:02 -0800
> From: "Dave Goldstein"
> To: fordtrucks-small
> Subject: RE: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #45
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> I have observed that anytime a company advertises heavily on the tv they
always have some alterior movtive in mind. I don't trust ford farther than I can
throw them.

If that's true, then Chrysler Corp. has got a hell of a lot to hide. I really
don't think that Ford does much advertising. Flip through some magazines and
see who has the tri-fold full color adds.


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:11:13 -0500
From: qzl0st (EI - Michael Ioco)
Subject: Re: Explorer Gloves

> From owner-fordtrucks-small Sat Feb 14 01:46 EST 1998
> From: KWall14
> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 01:44:33 EST

> As far as Explorer only topics, I can't think of any that would not apply
> to
> Rangers too. Oh yeah, the wiper deal. Wait, here's one: did you get a
> pair of
> gloves with the jack in the cubby hole or was that just an Eddie Bauer
> thing?
> I put my pair with the garden tools and replaced them with some real
> leather
> gloves.What engine did you get? Maybe a SOHC?
> Brian Rickman bmrickman
> 91 Explorer 4X4 EB AOD
> 81 F100 2wd 351w AOD

I've bought three Explorers, and they've all had a nice set of gloves stowed
with the jack. All three were Explorer Sports, so it's not an Eddie Bauer
thing. But my last one was a 96. It sounds like they quit offering that
"option" just to save a few bucks for 97 or 98. Come on Ford!

That seems to be the case with lights as well. Somebody mentioned that their
Explorer had no lights under the hood or in the glovebox, and somebody else
mentioned that the lights on the door were gone, but the harness and socket were
still there.

I noticed on my 98 Ranger that there are no lights in any of the said places.
I'm not too sure about the glovebox. But none on the passenger side vanity
mirror. The Mrs. wasn't too happy about that...

Is this Ford's attempt to cut costs?? Cutback on what they give the customer?
How about spending a little bit more on testing products, so that they aren't
replacing entire exhaust assemblies AND rear wheels because of a bad design??
(97 F-150's) Think about how much that would have saved Ford!

Mike in Michigan
98 Ranger SC4x4
97 F-150 SC 4x4
96 Explorer 4x4


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 07:52:50 -0700
From: "Dave Goldstein"
Subject: Re: advertising

Ford is job one. What a laugh. I know someone who sued Ford for the=
worthless back hinges on the 92-93 series Exploder and won big time.
Never made the news though.

ADM, archer daniel midland, advertises a lot and they always have problems.

Chrysler does all right, 260 million worth.
They screwed that one up even if the driver was running a stop light, even=
if the kid went out the window instead of the back lid. They lost because=
they would not spend approx. 25 cents for each truck. Dumb.

>If that's true, then Chrysler Corp. has got a hell of a lot to hide. I=
>don't think that Ford does much advertising. Flip through some magazines=
>see who has the tri-fold full color adds.
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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:01:25 EST
Subject: Re: 78-79 Bronco Parts

Hi Guys,

I'm visiting for a while from the 61-79 Ford Truck list. I was hoping to find
somebody over here that might have a few spare 78-79 Bronco parts as follows:

Sway bar for front axle, plus all related mounting brackets.

Front shock mounts (upper and lower, both sides) for the duel shock setup on
the front axle. This would include the "C" clamps on the radius rods, and both
brackets that mount to the frame in front of the spring towers.

I have a 69 F-100 4x4 that I am updating the entire front end to 78-79.

Please e-mail me directly if you have any info.


Colorado Jeff


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:54:27 -0800
From: "Alan Heaberlin"
Subject: Tires Ranger/Explorer

The best kept secret in the tire world is the Remington Wide Brute. When
my 1986 Ranger was brand new it came with Goodyear Wranglers. They were
noisy and extremely hard to keep balanced. Thankfully they wore out in less
than 20,000 miles. I replaced them with 30x9.50SR15 Wide Brutes. I am now
showing almost 150,000 on the odometer and I am on a 1 year old set (the
third set) with no appreciable wear. This includes gobs of desert
off-roading (and you should see the road to my house!).
I put 200,000 miles on a Bronco II and used 4 sets of wide brutes. When
I traded it off the truck was worn out but the last set of tires was still
My 94 Explorer now proudly wears it second set of wide brutes and it has
almost 110,000. Tires are still 9/32 of tread.
The only thing that you have to watch out for with 4WD is to rotate
front to back about every 10,000 miles to keep level tread on the front end.
If you start wearing them unevenly they will go faster.
I Just finished a spring lift on the Ranger last summer and as soon as
the tires wear out a little more I'm moving up to 31x10.50SR15.
It's funny that you never see an off-road magazine do a piece on Wide
Brutes or even advertisements for them. They are quiet, long lasting and
even 31s sell for under $100 apiece!
Buffalo Al


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:57:55 -0500
From: "J. Oxley"
Subject: Re: 78-79 Bronco Parts

What part of country are you located in.



Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 12:05:15 -0800
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: RE: Cold weather engine turnover time./delayed ignition

*Replying to :
*Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 01:15:04 -0500
*From: Paul Lee
*Subject: delayed ignition

*I have a 92 Explorer XLT, 122k miles, and it runs great. The only problem
*is that it does not want to turn over when cold. I know that most cars do
*this worse in cold weather, but I am talking about going ten or twelve
*seconds without starting. Is this normal? If not is it easy to fix? Any
*help would be appreciated.

*Paul Lee
* plee

No easy answer yet, need more info! (I've been in cold places, there's
tricks and tips.)
>>How cold is "cold"? Is it a constant or variable? Better yet, where do
you live... North Dakota "cold" is a lot different than California "cold"!.
>> How old is the battery?
>> What fuel brand? Do they offer a winter blend?
>> What brand/viscosity oil?

Actually, in lots of "real cold" areas, folks would be more than happy to
see only 10 seconds of cranking to start!!

Keith Christensen
[Kill...(delete..) BAMBI in my address for Email.. the SPAMMERS have
caught on to the NOSPAM trick!]
A: High Tech is a Pain in the )( !
B: I deal with the Fast Electrons,
call a Lineman for problems with slow ones!


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 20:20:16 +0000
From: mgpkep (Michael G. Peacock)
Subject: Ignition Timing

How's everyone? Hope OK. I've got a question about timing the BRONCO
II('86 2.9EFI). Hope someone will help!

I read on a tech board that increasing the BTDC (Like from the factory 10
degrees to 14 degrees) increases the torque while retarding the advance
increases the top end. To me that seems backwards. What do you think?

I also read that the computer has a knock retard function. So adjusting
the timing probably makes no difference. What about this?

I'm getting 30x9.50's this week and want to bump up the torque where I

My E-mail address is mgpkep -- or -- mike
I'll also be watching the small trucks list.....

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