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fordtrucks-small-digest Saturday, February 14 1998 Volume 02 : Number 046

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer & Bronco 2
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PIAA's & Shifter [SNOOP22222]
Re: Fwd: Explorer Owners??? [Jordan ]
Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #45 [KWall14]



Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:01:31 EST
From: SNOOP22222
Subject: PIAA's & Shifter

Will 1400 series PIAAS fit in the stock air dam slot? (not the 4X4 fog light
Also, anybody know of a brand of replacement shift nob that fits rangers?


Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:17:43 -0600
From: Jordan
Subject: Re: Fwd: Explorer Owners???

>Not that I don't love hearing about Ford Rangers, but i was just wondering if
>anyone out there had an Explorer??
>I also have a question, I have a '98 Sport, and the rear wiper constently
>misses a large patch at the top of the windshield. Does anyone else have
>problem? I would suspect it would only apply to the 1998's since they
>redesigned the rear hatch and glass. I never had such a problem on my old
>BroncoII, but it's rear window was flat, and this is curved.
>1998 Black Explorer Sport
I don't have a 98 but I have a suggestion, get a new wiper. Use a Bausch
(sp?) anyway you probably can't find the right size, good news is that you
can cut the blades (actually you might be able to find right size since
Ford is using that brand anyway.)


Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 01:44:33 EST
From: KWall14
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #45

In a message dated 98-02-13 06:49:01 EST, you write:

About all the Ranger guys, I also love to read about all the things I
will never
do to or with my Explorer but could. It's the same truck (yes, truck) but
inside stays dry and dust free. Also everyone in my family has their own
if you count the rear hatch.
As far as Explorer only topics, I can't think of any that would not apply
Rangers too. Oh yeah, the wiper deal. Wait, here's one: did you get a
pair of
gloves with the jack in the cubby hole or was that just an Eddie Bauer
I put my pair with the garden tools and replaced them with some real
gloves.What engine did you get? Maybe a SOHC?

Brian Rickman bmrickman
91 Explorer 4X4 EB AOD
81 F100 2wd 351w AOD

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No, I did not get a pair of gloves w/ the jack. Thats cool though. Either it
was an EB thing, or just something they did on older models. Seems there are
a few things they left out of '98 explorers, (glove box, and underhood light
etc.) However, My EB Bronco II didn't come with such gloves either, so I
don't have aqn answer. I didn't get the SOHC,almost did though. It was hard to
find an Explorer the way I wanted it w/out waiting 10-12 weeks to order or pay
more than i wanted too. I got the 5-spd Auto, 4.0 non-SOHC, CD/Tape, 934A
pckg. Electronics,and convinience pkg, but not leather Seats or the premium
(grey flare/Chrome Wheel Package.) It was hard to find all these options,
w/out getting the premium appearance pkg, which is nice but expensive. I
decided i'd rather have all the cool gadgets( keypad, keyless entry, console,
computer, fogs,& pwr. seats, etc.) If I could have gotten the same deal w/ the
SOHC I would have but I didn't
'98 Black Explorer Sport


End of fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #46


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