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fordtrucks-small-digest Saturday, January 24 1998 Volume 02 : Number 025

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Ranger, Explorer & Bronco 2
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Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #24 [Bill Funk ]
94 Pinging Ranger ["Mike *" ]
ATTN Admin ["Mike *" ]
Re: pinging ["Lare/Eric" ]
Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan.... [RandalDGazdecki]
Re: ATTN Admin [Ken Payne ]
CB Power Wiring [Blest25913]
Shock Warehouse [Ken Payne ]
Pigeon Forge F100 Nationals info [Ken Payne ]
Re: Who cares about Toyota [Diana Slyter ]



Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 09:14:08 -0700
From: Bill Funk
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #24

> From: ILuvTruks
> Subject: More CB stuff
> Hey, everybody,
> Has anybody here have any experience with the CB antannas that splice
> into the
> radio antenna? How well to these work? How does the CB affect the
> radio, and
> vise-versa? What kind of range can be expected?
> Thanks
> Clay

To put it simply, they suck.
You can have a $500 radio with a poor antenna, and have a poor radio.
You can have a $10 Pawn Shop Special with a great antenna, and have a
great radio.
An FM antenna makes a poor CB antenna.
Will it work? Yes. Range will be very short, though. If that's all you
want, go for it, but don't spend much on the radio itself. It won't be
worth it.
To work well, any transmitting antenna must be tuned to the frequency
it's going to be used at, and have a proper ground plane, and be as high
as possible (for the best range). The FM antenna on most cars has a
decent ground plane, is tuned to FM broadcast frequency band, and is
located for looks, not height. This is only one out of three, and not
even the most important one.
Good luck.

Bill Funk


Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 09:53:22 PST
From: "Mike *"
Subject: 94 Pinging Ranger

The EEC controls the timing on your truck along with other things. It
retains info from the way you have driven in the past. You may need to
reset it. To do this, disconnect your battery for a day or so and then
drive the truck hard for the first few times after that. That should do
it. There is no reason that your truck should be pinging, even if you
are lugging the hell out of it.

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'94 Ranger Supercab 4x2 4.0 5 speed
Custom 4" lift (bent beams and arms)
The Ford Ranger Pages
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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 09:57:49 PST
From: "Mike *"
Subject: ATTN Admin

I subscribed to the "small truck" digest list and from what I
remember your server is supposed to send out the digest after the size
hits 30k. I have been receiving the digest at all sorts of different
file sizes. Anywhere from 5k-36k. Dont know if I am missing any of the
posts but I just figured I would let you know. I used to be a member of
the 81-up list and that one sent at 30k pretty consistently.

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'94 Ranger Supercab 4x2 4.0 5 speed
Custom 4" lift (bent beams and arms)
The Ford Ranger Pages
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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:05:31 -0500
From: "Lare/Eric"
Subject: Re: pinging

- -----Original Message-----
From: M A Bolch

>I have a 94 Ranger with a 4.0 and 5 speed . I bought the truck used with
>miles . when i use 87 octane gas it pings under acceleration in high gear .
>last time i went to midgrade 89 octane with same problem . i dont have this
>problem with my 94 tarus with 3.? . is this a problem with all 4.0 engines
>just mine . any suggestions or comments would be appericiated .
>thanks Mark

I had the same prob w/ my '94 Splash SC 4x4 - turned out to be a vacuum leak
under the intake manifold - replaced gasket - problem solved - you might
want to spray gumout around the intake manifold flanges - if the idle
fluctuates at certain points, that's where your problem lies.

Eric S. - '94 Splash SC 4x4 4.0L


Date: 23 Jan 98 14:25:54 EST
From: RandalDGazdecki
Subject: Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan....

I am a reasonable person who tries to look at all things objectively. I al=
so want the best product for the cost with the options I want. I presently=
own a 91 Ranger and at the time it was the best vehicle I could afford wit=
h the options I wanted. Now again comes the time to evaluate ALL the playe=
rs to decide what is the best for the buck. I admit that reliability is a =
major issue, but nothing is perfect. There are lemons in every model line =
out there and if you get stuck with one you can get the feeling of being ri=
pped-off and blame the company who provided your misery. It's happened to =
owners of every manufacturer out there. I can only speak from my own exper=
ience growing-up around Chevy's, Ford's, etc. I don't believe any manufact=
uer's claims or anyone who will purchase a vehicle just because "It's Ford =
Tough" or by a foreign manufacturer. None of that matters. What matters i=
s YOUR personal experience with your purchase. If you love it, you love it=
, If you hate it, you hate it. The main idea is to buy something that you =
will accept with all it's faults. If the Toyota's have a higher incidence =
of rusting out, then accept it. If the Fords need regular front-end alignm=
ents, then accept it. If Dodges transmissions rip themselves off their mou=
nts, accept it. Just make sure you will accept the problems that come with=
a extremely technological piece of equipment.=0D=0A=0D=0AMy $0.02.=0D=0A=
=0D=0ARandy=0D=0Arandaldgazdecki"Heart of the N.S.S.N!!"=0D=


Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 15:01:07 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Re: ATTN Admin

At 09:57 AM 1/23/98 PST, you wrote:
> I subscribed to the "small truck" digest list and from what I
>remember your server is supposed to send out the digest after the size
>hits 30k. I have been receiving the digest at all sorts of different
>file sizes. Anywhere from 5k-36k. Dont know if I am missing any of the
>posts but I just figured I would let you know. I used to be a member of
>the 81-up list and that one sent at 30k pretty consistently.

Digests are compiled when posts accumulate to 30k or at 4:00 in the
morning, whichever comes first. This list does not have enough activity
to hit the 30k level. You oughta see the 61-79 list, 2-3 digests daily.
If anyone here is missing digests from the past 2 days... I hope to
have the archives up shortly. AOL's brain-damaged email servers have
been having problems (again) and have bounced hundreds of emails from
our list server over the last 72 hours.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 15:24:27 EST
From: Blest25913
Subject: CB Power Wiring

In a message dated 1/23/98 7:04:42 AM, you wrote:

Ron Trampe
'96 Ranger 4X4 >>

Were there specifics to that because I have never had any problems nor have my
friends, and three of us have service done regularly at the dealer. Vehicle's
are: 96F150XLT2x4 (Mine), 97RangerFlare4x2, and 94RangerXLT2x4

No specifics. I think it was just something for them to say and do in order to
make me feel as if I were causing the problem, or at least put doubt into my
mind. I have heard of CB's causing electronic problems, though. I think
somebody wrote about it on the '80's and up' list a while back. Something like
his headlights would dim whenever he transmitted?? Must be a BIG radio.


Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 22:05:50 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Shock Warehouse

In the anniversary shuffle I forgot to send this out a second

Dear Ford Truck Enthusiasts:

We have a new advertiser on our web site. As we did for our
other advertisers, we're going to make a brief announcement
for 2 days (this is the second day). Please show your appreciation
to them for helping to support the web site and lists by checking
out their site:
(This is an "anchor" page that will forward you to theirs)

Shockwarehouse sells shocks, struts, cartridge inserts,
strut bearing plates, load levelers, air shocks,
Muscle Elastomer Springs and a bunch of other suspension
related items.

We would like to have them know that you heard about them via
the Ford Truck Enthusiasts group.

Now returning you to our regularly scheduled program...

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 00:20:08 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Pigeon Forge F100 Nationals info

This message is a reply to a message originally on the 1960 and
older list. I've forwarded it to all the lists as it may be of
interest to many members.

F100 Nationals In May, Pegion Forge, TN. Show info on web site.
Ford Truck Enthusiasts will have a booth there....

The event guide on the web site has a link to Pigeon Forge
tourism information if you want to get a jump start on our
research. We hope to have flight/hotel information soon. Nearest
airport is at least 100 miles away so for some people it may be
worth driving the entire way as you'd have to get a rental car
if you flew. I might set up a "ride exchange" classifieds page so
members can hook up with each other to save on costs.

I've had several people email me who are anxious for information.
Don't worry! We're anxious too and we WILL get you information
ASAP (this weekend). The sooner reservations are made, the better.

As to parking... are you kidding? The entire town is packed...
and lined with thousands of trucks every where you look! There
is no way to reserve parking. Heck, we're having a hard enough
time finding a picnic site! We don't know our booth location
yet, when we find out we'll let everyone know.

The show itself will be easy to spot. Its an outdoor truck show
with a bunch of vendors plus an indoor vendor section. You pay a
few bucks to get it (its not expensive at all) and you have a blast.
Every kind of Ford truck under the sun is there... from concourse
trailer queens to custom slammed low-riders. Many deals to be
found for parts hunters too.

Lastly, Pigeon Forge is a blast. Tons of things to do as it is
the second busiest tourist town next to Las Vegas... pretty
incredible considering it's such a small town. Dollywood amusement
park, helicopter rides, water slides, museums (including an
antique auto museum), free fall simulator, first class restaurants
(in nearby Gatlenburg), fishing, hiking, waterfalls, outlet
centers, malls, cart races... the list goes on.....

Anyone on the lists who appreciates Ford trucks from 1979 and
older (although there are many new trucks too) would enjoy
this show/event.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:27:57 EST


I have a 96 ranger splash and i'm interested in a guys seats in VA. He owns a
a set of mustang 95 bucket seats. will they bolt up easily or do i need to
make a set of adaptors to make it work? I can' t get anyone to respond so
here i am asking the world (good freinds)/ I might get a chance to goto the
nearest FORD dealer and look for my self. Let me know?

thanks for your time:



Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:56:15 -0600 (CST)
From: Diana Slyter
Subject: Re: Who cares about Toyota

>From the largest survey of vehicle reliability available to the public,
Consumer Reports annual survey of the members auto repair history.
Published in their annual auto issue and periodic new car buyers guides.

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
dianas __ __ ____ ___ ___ ____
dianas /__)/__) / / / / /_ /\ / /_ /
/ / \ / / / / /__ / \/ /___ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, FastRngXLT wrote:

> In a message dated 1/23/98 3:29:00 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> dianas writes:
> pickup is assembles in California and thus does not bear the full 25%
> tariff. It is probably slightly more durable than the Ranger; but the
> Ranger has a larger box and longer wheelbase for better weight
> distribution available. The Ranger also comes with standard rear antilock
> brakes and 4 wheel ABS optional. >>
> Where did you get the idea of the Toyota being more durable than the Ranger
> from? I've had both, I had a Tacoma and it was the biggest peice of crap I
> have ever owned. It was always in the shop, and I was scared to take it off
> road to much because it seemed like when I did I broke something. I now own a
> 96' Ranger and bought it new. Although it's primary turf is pavement (4x2, V6
> 5spd) I have burned, spun, redlined, towed, you name it, and it just begs for
> more, not a min's trouble.
> Brian
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