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small-list Digest Thu, 13 Jul 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 106

In This Issue:
Re: Fuel Injection Additives ?
Re: Fuel Injection Additives ?
Engine just died


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 11:26:23 -0400
From: Stephen Bozzone>
Subject: Re: Fuel Injection Additives ?

I've been told Chevron Techron is the best.. it's a little pricey but
does the job. I've also been told to use it on a 1/2 a tank instead of
a full tank.

Good luck,

william.hickey wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a fuel injection cleaner (gasoline additive) that actually
> works ?> Also how often should it be used ? Engine in question is a 99 4.0
> Ranger.
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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:06:01 -0400
From: Dave Cooley>
Subject: Re: Fuel Injection Additives ?

At 11:16 AM 7/13/2000, you wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a fuel injection cleaner (gasoline additive) that
>works ?> Also how often should it be used ? Engine in question is a 99 4.0

Because of the small concentration (one pint to 15-20 gallons) they really
don't do much...
If you run the tank almost empty, pour in the bottle (best one I have found
is the Chevron Techron) and drive it for 15-20 minutes, THEN fill up, It
seems to help. The best method is to buy a pressurized fuel injector
cleaner kit from NAPA... Hooks to the test port on the fuel rail, and has a
pressurized can of cleaner. You trip the inertia switch (or unplug the
power line to the fuel pump) hook this kit up, open the valve and start the
engine... Let it run until it starts to sputter and kill it. Let it sit
for about 30 minutes, hook the f.p. power back up (or reset the inertia
switch), disconnect the kit and start it up and go. Makes a WORLD of


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:56:22 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: [Gas Mileage]
From: Sandman>

Check engine came on yesterday on it, and got it checked today, and it was
the O2 sensor. I'm getting a new one tomorrow and hope this will keep it
running smooth until I get a new F150 next year. :)


On 12 Jul 2000, Tim Turner wrote:

> Sandman> wrote:
> > I have an 89 Ranger with a 2.3L 4 cylinder with 191K miles on it.
> > Recently, the gas mileage dipped down to les than 18 MPG,
> I would probably suggest a new Oxygen sensor; even if it's not the root cause
> by this time it deserves one. ;-)
> Tim
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From: news
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 20:41:24 +0100
Subject: Engine just died

Hi All..

at first: sorry for my bad following english!
I'm Maik 32 from Cologne Germany and own a 88 built 2wd ranger Xlt with a
2.3 ltr engine.
110K miles

it did all the repairs on my own but now i m disapointed...
just 8.000 miles before i overhowl the complete engine (waiting 8 weeks for
piston rings)

now my problem is:

the engine died just by pulling back onto mothers ground.
i restarted engine but nothing happens...

I have the Chiltons and Hayenes Manual and also the popular Mechanics CD
for literatur.

i do:
check fuses ok
cheking ignigion coil result ist ok if Key on run i get Battery power
check TFI Modul all messures are in range
benzin is enough spark plugs are wet after starting
i just get no spark
i checked the wires from EEC to i-coil and TFI Modul.. al tests are OK

anyone knowes a hint ?
can i check the EEC ?
last step for me is going in a Ford place and waitimg for the (think so)
expensive bill


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