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fordtrucks-digest Wednesday, September 17 1997 Volume 01 : Number 221

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Joe D's questions [Doug Neely ]
Re: Riddle me this!!!! ["MICHAEL FRISCH" ]



Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:30:25 -0700
From: Doug Neely
Subject: Joe D's questions

Perhaps you were doing something wrong,I don't recall seeing
any previous posts from you.There's a wealth of knowledge and
experience here regarding 67-72's , so ask away, you may be


Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 01:10:24 PDT
Subject: Re: Riddle me this!!!!

> > Nope. It's not me, just an incredible simulation... the real one
>>would have "Master of Rock and Roll" among his titles.
>My head is hung low in shame! A name of Deacon Blues forgets "Master of
>and Roll"? The shame! It must have been the excitement of seeing the
>Tide! Can I be forgiven just this once?
>> Is this the way to do it, or is there a simpler way that was probably
>>described in the owner's manual, which probably got stolen by the
>>original owner in 1968, along with the jack and jack handle?
>> My Courier has a little winch that you hook into the tire and it
>>cranks it up.
>Mine is the same way, same fate! I was wondering if it is possible to
>the wench from a Courier (I think Toyota is the same) and mounting to
>'73? I have obtained a piece of aluminum channel for the bar but the
>would save from possible mishap the loss of blood and possible body
>The tailgate sounds Oh, so Cool, Master (breathing sounds of Darth
>Deacon Blues
>Visit my Homepage at
>or send me a fan or flame at deconblu not both. Never fan a

This sounds like a great idea. My father and I were having the same
problems w/ his, dare I say Ch-vy??..;) as well as my 70 F100.

Now the idea is to jerry rig it in to place.




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