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pre61-list Digest Wed, 27 Dec 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 244

In This Issue:
e-brake cables
Re: Pigeon Forge
leaky seam
radiator size
upper mount front shocks
Re: leaky seam
59 F-100 wiring?
Re: Carburetors


From: "Jack Wart" <jack>
Subject: Carburetors
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 09:19:51 -0500

I have a '52 F-1 with the 215 6 cylinder engine. It has a Holley 1 barrell
carburetor that has a clamping bead for the oil bath air cleaner around the
outside of the body.

Does anyone know of a carb that will replace this one that has a smooth body
so I can use a dry air cleaner?



From: JNiolon
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 08:15:33 -0600
Subject: e-brake cables


I just purchased a complete set of cables from Control Cable.  They build
them to your specs and with the ends you specify...  first class work and
customer friendly... they can fax you a work sheet to determine your cable
lengths, brackets needed..etc  or let me know and I can send you a copy of

They are at   or 562-949-0455 in Santa Fe Springs Ca.
They also do fuel cables and other street rod stuff also



From: Fifty7F100
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:20:53 EST
Subject: Re: Pigeon Forge

In a message dated 12/27/00 6:01:36 AM Pacific Standard Time,
listar writes:

<< From: thegman
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:20:10 -0500
Subject: Merry Christmas, etc.

I wish all a happy holiday season.
Only 4 1/2 months to Pigeon Forge!

I better make those motel reservations!

Paul Gayda

PS:  Good thought:  Is there going to be any attempt to stay at the same

        motel this year?

Paul and other PF FTEers,

I will be staying at the PF KOA again unless the family doesn't come. In that
case, I might want to stay at FTE headquarters

Glenn in TN
57 F100 -- in process
93 Mercury Capri convertible for practice!


Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 00:52:40 -0500
From: "Abram H. Stauffer" <astauffe>
Subject: leaky seam

I have a small leak in the seam in the back of my cab where the back
panel meets the roof panel above the rear window. The drip follows the
ledge on the inside where the 2 panels meet and drips off at the end of
that L-shaped edge. The shop manual says a body sealer of medium heavy
viscosity with an asphalt base was available for the Ford repairman to
use at any joint where there is rubbing between two metal surfaces.
Questions: Is this the best way to stop the leak? Will this cause a
rust problem at the seam?  What can I buy today to do the job?
Thanks!       Abe '54 F-100


Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 00:52:46 -0500
From: "Abram H. Stauffer" <astauffe>
Subject: radiator size

List members,
As I was looking through my specifiacations and features manual,
something caught my eye. The radiator size for the '54 V-8 was different
than the 6 cyl.  The 239 V-8 came with a 22 qt. capacity and the 6 came
with a 18 1/2 qt. capacity. When I rebuilt my truck the original
radiator was shot. Rather than get it re-cored I found a good one in a
local junk yard. It appeared as if it had been recored since the fins
looked different. The truck was a 6 cylinder. Yes, the bottom hole is on
the opposite side but but we connected to the water pump with a flexible
Questions:  #1: Does anyone foresee any potential problems with me
using this 6 cyl. radiator in my V-8. I have not had any overheating
problems that I know of. I have the original gauge and it runs about 3/4
hot (what ever that means).
   #2: Are the 2 radiators different in external size? It fits in the
space OK width wise. The fan shroud fits. Is one taller than the other?
Any help here is appreciated!
Thanks,  Happy New Year,      Abe  '54 F-100


From: "Tom Ewing" <ewing>
Subject: upper mount front shocks
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 16:55:00 -0800

Does anyone know where I might find a pair of upper
mounts for the front shocks on a 58F100.  I've looked
in many of the popular aftermarket catalogs, but
couldn't find them available.


From: NACatin
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 22:57:18 EST
Subject: Re: leaky seam

I have the same leak in my F4 and I found a product made by SEM that my body
shop friend uses and swears by.  He will use it to stop my leak.  Good luck.
'52 F4


From: "GWCrutchfield" <gc>
Subject: 59 F-100 wiring?
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 07:56:57 -0500

Has anyone had any success rewiring a 59 F-100?
Can't seem to find anyone who makes harness for 59
(...every other vehicle on earth except
57-60 F-100....what's up with that?)  Anyway, any luck with
rodder kits or anything?
Crutch,   Atlanta,  '59 F-100 Stepside


Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 09:47:51 -0500
From: 47Fred <zelda_1>
Subject: Re: Carburetors

Jack Wart wrote:
> I have a '52 F-1 with the 215 6 cylinder engine. It has a Holley 1 barrell
> carburetor that has a clamping bead for the oil bath air cleaner around the
> outside of the body.
> Does anyone know of a carb that will replace this one that has a smooth body
> so I can use a dry air cleaner?

The 1 bbl Holley used on slant six Dodge and Plymouths bolts right on,
and comes with a paper cleaner, if you can still find one. Most are 225
cubic inch, so jetting is just about right. The manual choke of a truck
can be retrofitted onto the auto choked Chryslers with some small amount
of work in most cases. Made from '60 up to at least '80.



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